Thursday, June 22, 2017

A fantastic Series

Last week I discovered a new series, well new to me.

The series is titled "D.C's Legends of Tomorrow and has a crew of interesting characters aboard a time-traveling spacecraft known as the Waverider.

Each character has a unique ability or power that is interesting, but what is more interesting is who these people are and how they deal with the events they are thrust into.

The first episode I saw was titled "Shogun" and was set in Edo Japan, at the time of the Samari.  Two of the characters find themselves trapped there and one is just discovering he has powers.

They are caught in needing to find a way back to the Waverider and helping defend a village against a tyrannical Shogun.

The episode is fast paced and shows respect to the Japanese characters portrayed.  There are some remarkable twists and turns that make you stay glued to your seat.

But the episode I saw this last week, was astonishing.  The crew of the Waverider ends up is Mississippi in 1863,  A time jumper has crashed at this point and is infecting people with a strain that turns them into Zombies, the bad thing, the people infected are Confederate soldiers making it look like the South could win.

What makes this episode "Abominations" powerful and captivating is not the Zombie Confederate plot element, but that two of the crew Jefferson "Jax" Jackson and Amaya Jiwe Deal with the issue of Slavery from a very personal perspective, and some of the most powerful moments involve these two as they go from simply trying to accomplish a mission, to being caught up in the battle for freedom of the black slaves.  

Legends is not merely science fiction time travel and battling against super villains, it is a fresh representation at looking at history and providing powerful messages through well-written stories.

I give this show my highest compliment, this is on the level of The Original Star Trek when it was in its first season and a half and dealt with issues in compelling storytelling.

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