Sunday, February 8, 2015

MOndays' Music Moves You. The Music of Ingrid Mickelson.

For the past several weeks, or has it been longer I have been hearing a song at work that had me very upset.

In part because I could only hear part of it, and what I heard annoyed me,  Well this morning, I was able to see the words of this song and it blew me away.

So much so, I decided to see what other music this person had done.  So without any further delay here is the music of Ingrid Mickelson, starting with Afterlife.

This next song, her official video is dedicated to the recovery of cancer, this is another lyrics video so you can appreciate the song in its entirety.

Perception is everything

A fun song to end with

Hope you enjoyed these samples of the music of Ingrid Mickelson.  By the way I dedicate this page to my wife, my step daughter and my mother in law.