Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do You Remember

I have returned...

Today, I ask do you remember cooking with gas?

Some of you are young enough to wonder what I am referring to, because perhaps a generation and a half has grown up with only electric ranges or microwaves.

I was raised in a house where we had gas stoves and to this day, I struggle when it comes to cooking on an electric stove.  I can never quite get the settings right, and honestly I can never remember if I turned the damn thing off.

Gas ranges, stoves were common for years, until the 1980's you couldn't find a house or apartment without one.  But in the 1980's gas ranges began to be phased out.  There were many reasons for this, including the oil crisis of the late 1970's as well as safety issues, houses were blowing up or catching on fire because of gas leaks, and people were comitting suicide sometimes unintentionally because a gas burner would be blown out and the house would fill with gas and people would die in their sleep.

These were the negatives that brought down gas cooking, but with all that said, I am still one who loves gas ranges and stoves.  Sure there was some risk to them, but life is risk.

I always cooked food better on gas, and still do, you can adjust the heat by the height of the flame and rarely does chicken under cook on gas, you get food cooked perfectly every time.

And for me, I never forgot to turn off a gas range.  Unless they make artificial flames or something with electric ranges, I will probably always struggle to remember to turn off the darn things because there is nothing that reminds me,  

Oh I know the tiny lights, but I don't look at the range top, I look for flames on the burner.  Just the way I was raised.

How about you, did you grow up cooking with gas, or electric?  Any stories to share?

Come by and let me know.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Is it Aurora, Colorado or Am I Boldly Going???

Ever since I moved to Aurora, I have kept wondering... is this really Aurora, Colorado... or have I somehow been transported to a world out of STAR TREK, the classic series?

Why do I ask this?

Well here are some photos I have taken since I returned to Colorado, you tell me if these buildings don't remind you of buildings in Classic STAR TREK?

This is supposedly the Aurora Public Library, that's what the sign says, it even has books inside.  But doesn't it look like a Star Base?
Here's another photo, you tell me?

 Sure it's a Library, uh huh.
 Here's the entry path to the so called library.  Solar Collectors, or Deflector grids?
 Sure it's the court house, right?
 Still have no idea what this building is on 12th and Peoria Street.
 Now this one isn't in Aurora, this is in Denver on Broadway.  The sign says it is a bank.
 A bank for Aliens, from Cygnus Draconus five.
 These buildings in in the Denver Tech Center,  They look like Star Bases to me,

 Another Library in Aurora, uh huh,
And this is supposed to be the Municipal Building in Aurora.

Like I said, the architecture makes you wonder?

Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday, and remember... The Truth is out there...

Announcement, concerning....


Hello, I wanted to let my loyal followers know that due to circumstances beyond my control... TUESDAY'S FAVORITES will not be seen today.

I promise to return next Tuesday with something wonderful and amazing to share with all of you.

Until then, this is Mark signing off for TUESDAY'S FAVORITES, until next Tuesday.

Taa taa til then.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Music Moves me to Music that brings back memories

So this weeks theme is music that brings back positive memories.  

First up is a song by PINK FLOYD, Shine on you crazy Diamond.  The first time I heard this song, I was in High School and this song reminds me of a time in my life when  everything was ahead of me and there was nothing but potential.

The next piece is a title theme from one of my favorite Science Fiction series.  The series it self is so positive it gives me hope for the future.
Surprise!  I bet none of you expected this main title theme, from a series most have forgotten.  This series was an upbeat theme when my life was going in several directions all at once.  

No matter how bad things were, once a week there was Captain Nathan Hale Bridger and the crew of SeaQuest overcoming the odds and somehow always maintaining a positive view of the world.  Something that I needed at points back then.

Lastly is a piece by a very talented Broadway actor, who has done live performances as a singer and comic.  However nearly two generations know him from a situation comedy he was in.

The Gentleman is Hal Linden, and he is singing a song that expresses how I feel about my beloved.  This is a song that has always been a favorite of mine, so here is Hal Linden with  "I won't last a day without you."

This is it this time, no epics for me.  I hope you have enjoyed this music trek nd will be back next week with more music.

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Til next time this is Tamirisc M Richards.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sunday Cereal. Call me Java

Leroy Gibbs and Ziva David drove from the airport on Kauai to the location of the parking lot of Fantasy Art.  He opened the door and got out and waited for Ziva.

As she emerged from the passenger compartment on her side of the 2010 Focus, Gibbs looked at the small place, he remembered when this had been a restaurant called the Beef and Pasta.  He wondered how much it had changed since he had last been here.

Gibbs and Ziva walked into Fantasy Art and realized that if he hadn't been here in 1979 he would not have known it was the same place.  A large man with glasses emerged from the back of the gallery and approached Gibbs and Ziva, he smiled and in a soft melodic tone spoke.

"May I help you sir, madam?"

Gibbs was actually distracted by several of the paintings and did not hear the man, it was Ziva who spoke up.

"Yes, I am Special Agent Ziva David, this is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, we are with N.C.I.S.  We were told to check with you concerning..."

The man glared at Ziva his tone went from a soft and friendly tone to one of cold bitterness and disdain.

"Let me guess, that witch Ree Anderson!  She should keep her nose out of others business!  I ..."

Now it was Gibbs who broke in, his tone was still even and calm, but there was a slight edge to it as he spoke.


"Nakajima, Harold Nakajima.  And I have no interest..."

"Mister Nakajima.  I don't think you heard my associate clearly, we are Special Agents with the Naval Criminal..."

"Investigative Service... Yes, yes yes I know all about N.C.I.S.  I have no time to help you in one of your contrived investigations in why a Hawaiian Fishing Boat was in the area where one of your special operations or what ever the excuse of the week is.  As far as I am concerned all you Navy types can go back to where you come from!"

Now it was Ziva again who spoke, again her tone remained calm.  

"Mister Nakajima I apologize, I do not know why you have issues with N.C.I.S., or the Navy for that matter... We are here..."

Gibbs had been looking around the gallery and came back and stopped and looked at Mister Nakajima.  Gibbs looked at this man and in a cool detached tone spoke.

"Let's go Ziva, Mister Nakajima has no interest in helping us, or anyone else.  He could care less if Harmon Rabb Jr. is missing, so we will leave."

"Wait, did you say Harmon Rabb Jr?"

Gibbs smiled just slightly, he had seen the photo of Rabb in his flight gear off to the far left corner of the gallery.

"Yes.  I am sure that means nothing to you though.  Come on Ziva."

"Alright Mister Gibbs, I know you saw the photo of Harm.  I knew him when we were both in the Navy.  It was tragic him having to give up his flying because of his night blindness.  I hear he ended up as a good Lawyer.  You say he has gone missing?"

Gibbs nodded his head.

"About two weeks ago.  We're trying to find out where he is, and if his departure was his decision or if he had been abducted."

Harold Nakajima exhaled and walked over toward the register.

"He stopped in two weeks ago, seemed pensive, as if he was needing to find some place to go, to be away and think something over.  He left a few things.  Said I was to hold onto them unless certain people came looking for him.  One was a Bud Roberts, the other didn't have a name, just said if Ree Anderson sent someone I was to give the items to them."

He removed two items from a safe that was in the wall near the cash register.  He stood holding them and looking at Gibbs.  Slowly he walked over to Gibbs and handed him the items.

"Since I read of Budd Roberts passing just a few days ago, I think that you are the person he meant.  I apologize Special Agent Gibbs. I just have had issues with the Navy since I opened this place, and actually since I left the Navy fifteen years ago."

Gibbs held the items in his hands and looked at Nakajima.

"I understand, you left on rough terms, and Harm was one of the few people who treated you with any respect.  Yes, I checked on who you are Mister Nakajima, and I apologize for the way you have been treated.  I thank you and I hope things improve for you."

"I should be surprised, but I am not.  Thank you Special Agent Gibbs.  My best to you in finding Harm.  You will excuse me, it looks as if I have some customers."

As Harold Nakajima walked to the couple who had just entered Gibbs directed Ziva to the door and outside.  He remained silent as they approached the car and until the got back into the Focus.

Ziva finally spoke, now she was surprised by the chain of events that had just unfolded.

"What happened, what was all that about?"

"Ziva, you need to know my rules better by now.  Rule number Nineteen:  Never go into a situation without finding out everything about the players involved."

Ziva looked at Gibbs, but said nothing.  She respected him and in some ways he reminded him of her father in some ways.  In some ways, Gibbs was more a father than her own ever would be.

 "Mister Nakajima, was let go from the Navy because of what turned out to be trumped up charges.  Left a very bitter taste in his mouth."

"Would he try and kill someone for revenge?"

"Hard to tell.  Let's check those packages before we do anything."

Gibbs pulled over and began to check one of the packages.  Ziva threw one of the packages out the window just as it exploded.

"I think we need to go back and talk with Mr. Nakajima."

Gibbs opened the door and walked back to the Gallery as Ziva followed.

"Good catch on your part Special Agent David."

"It was ticking loudly."

They walked toward the Gallery when shots were heard from within they ran in guns drawn.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Snaps Is this a...

I took these photos today of a building that I am not certain if it was a Church or Public Library.  So you tell me, what do you think this building is.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Poetry from the Soul of Me

What is it I see, as I look into clouds above me?
Is it a face and arms of some semi visible body?

No this can not be!  My eyes must be deceiving me.

Yet here is the picture before me.  

What was this?  merely clouds offset by the sun.

I have no answer, only a mystery, that is what is left for me.

Original poem by Tamirisc M Richards.  Thursday Evening February 21st 2013.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Do You Remember???

Welcome to another week of "Do You Remember"  This week I am back to something calm again, and I am back on the regular day of the week Thursday.

This week I want to discuss a television series I had never heard of until this morning.  

Let me describe the series to you and see if you recognize it.  A woman heads a Private Detective Agency, she does not use her own name, on her first initial and last name, to keep the sex of the head of the agency gender neutral.  She has an associate who is more of a problem than a help, because he is always trying to over protect her.

No I am not talking about "Remington Steele" which starred Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimblist and ran in the early 1980's.  

The series I discovered starred Anne Francis as Honey and John Erickson as Sam Bolt.

Honey West also had an unusual pet, an Ocelot  named Bruce.  

The series was produced by a young up and comer by the name of Aaron Spelling.  He had been in England and saw a series that was similar with Patric McNee and at the time Honor Blackman, that series was THE AVENGERS.

Spelling brought the concept to this side of the pond and modified it.  Like the women Spies in THE AVENGERS, Honey could defend herself with martial arts.

So why have you never heard of this series?

It ran only one year on ABC, 1965-66 and was canceled, in part because ABC could import episodes of THE AVENGERS, for half the cost of producing the series.

However, Honey West set the standard for many series that were to come down the road.  Gene Roddenberrys' Police Woman, MTM's Remington Steele and of course Aaron Spellings' "Charlie's Angels" Which all came from one series that lasted a season on ABC.

MeTV is airing the original episodes of Honey West Saturday Mornings at 2:A.M. MST.  Check local listings, for a look at a series that was just too ahead of its' time, but inspired a lot of series that lived long and prospered.

Til next week, Do You Remember?   (C) February 17th 2013 by Tamirisc M Richards,

 Honey West Anne Francis.  The original 1965
 Pepper Anderson  Angie Dickenson 1973
Laura Holt Stephanie Zimblest 1981 She never carried a gun and used her mind over bullets.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, anything but wordless

I am doing something different this Wednesday, I am speaking very loudly.

Why, what happened?

Last Thursday, Valentines Day, my wife and I went to Downtown Denver and participated in the One Billion Rising event.

This event was a world gathering of women and men, coming together to protest the violence and acts of oppression against women through-out the world.

This wasn't just protesting rape and murder, but the beating and killing of women who want to be educated.  To protest the selling of children into the sex trade, and the deforming of women who violate laws and customs,

The videos are of people speaking out.

Take your time and listen, then act.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday's Favorite

It's that time again.  Time to sit down and listen as Mark talks about another favorite item, will it be a movie, a play a song perhaps even a book?  You will have to watch the video to find out, what he will share with us today, on TUESDAYS' FAVORITES.

Hope you enjoyed Tuesdays' Favorites.  

Until next week, have fun and subscribe to my page.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me. My life in Music

Welcome Mondays' Music is once again here, and I found out that I am the Spotlight Dancer.  How this happened I do not know, since I am no dancer.

I have decided that the theme for this journey in music is the Music that tells a story of my life.  This can be a single all encompassing piece of music, or you can cut together several pieces, each that are about part of who you are and how you discovered music.

Don't stress out, have fun with this and mix and match and see what comes from the journey.

What follows is my own story using music, it is a little long, but I hope you check it out and enjoy my journey, as I will yours as well.

Welcome to Tamirisc Trek One, the beginning.  What follows is a musical journey through my life.  This is a combination of the music that has been part of me, whether it be Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock Country or New Age.  

So be free this week have fun and see what comes your way.

To start off, we go to the roots of my musical heritage.  I grew up in a house filled with all kinds of Music, and one of the first pieces I remember hearing was Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.  I also remember watching the Boston Pops summer concerts on PBS as a kid, when Arthur Fiedler lead the orchestra.  This is Arturo Toscanni leading the NBC Symphony Orchestra.  To sit back and relax to Beethoven as we begin.

Perhaps one of the most diverse composers of all classical music and someone I came to appreciate more as I got older was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Here is his Eine Kline Naucht Muzik or in English A Little Night Music.

Next up, as I said I was surrounded by music, so I heard Rock and Roll almost as often as I did Classical.  One of the first Rock Bands I heard was The Beatles, and one of the first songs I remember of their music was "Here comes the Sun"  I remember when I was 16, which was during the Bi-centennial, I stayed up all night to watch the 4th of July celebration on the Tomorrow Show, they used this piece to welcome the sunrise on that July 4th.

At the same time I was discovering Folk Music.  There were many singers that I followed back then, here's a sampling of a few,

Let's start with Harry Belafonte and the Banana boat song with some special hep.  With this kind of help you don't need disasters.

Next was a group known as the Kingston Trio and a favorite song of theres was The Tijuana Jail, this was from the broadcast from the Jack Benny Show,  Classic comedy and music.  

The last Folk group for a long time was Peter Paul and Mary, this is perhaps their best known song, and I don't mean blowing in the wind.  Try Puff the Magic Dragon.

About this time, both rock and pop were coming back into my life, and one of the people who had a huge impact was Jackson Brown.  This was one of those songs that just got under my skin and I still love it all these years later.  Just keep "Running On"

Another singer who I was beginning to appreciate was  Jim Croce, his music was so diverse that you could not nail him to a single catagory.  One of my favorites was  "You don't mess around with Jim."

About 1975 I was exposed to a young pop singer whose music touched my soul, he is still around, but one song that will always be special to me is "I write the Songs" because this reminds me to this day of my dad, who was a musician.  My dad died in late 1974 and this song just captured him so well.

After my father passed in 1974, my life was forever changed.  My music trek continued to many new worlds of music, and I could try and put those here as well, however I think that would be the longest post in the History of Mondays' Music.  So  this is where this part of the journey ends.  

When I have a free-bee  I will continue the journey with a little bit of country, more rock and roll, new age and folk and some surprises for sure.  

Til then, this is Tamirisc signing off and saying, never forget who you were, because that helps you become who you are meant to be.

The Sunday Cereal Call me Java Knightmares in the Daytime

"Yes, yes Mister Magnum.  No Michael is fine, we had him picked up in a private ambulance and taken to one of the hospitals that we have available to us.  I will have Michael contact you as soon as he is awake and in better shape.  Yes, thank you for your concern."

"So, do you think he bought it?"

Devon smiled.

"Why wouldn't he, as far as Thomas Magnum is concerned he just talked with Devon Miles, he has no reason not to believe what I told him.  And when you visit him in a few days, he will have no idea you aren't Michael... after all you are identical twins."

"Something I detest.  I despise this.  Me passing myself off as that fake do-gooder.  We should just take down FLAG and be done with it, once and for all."

"Patience Garth, soon enough we will both have what we desire.  You will have destroyed Michael Knights' legacy and we will have wiped out FLAG and all it has accomplished.  With the real Michael Knight here, depending on us for staying alive, we have no one who can interfere."

"I'll believe that when it all comes together."


                                             *   *   *

"No thank you Higgins, I am telling you something just felt wrong about that call.  I mean, does FLAG even have facilities here in the Islands?"

"Magnum, why would Devon Miles lie to you?"

Thomas Magnum stopped where he stood, then turned and looked at Higgins.  

"You know Devon Miles?"

"Why yes, quite well, we were in Her Majesties Secret Service, not at the same time.  I was leaving to come out here to head up security and Devon was just finishing a tour, prior to taking on the mantle of heading up FLAG.  Very bright chap, I met him only in passing."

The wind seemed to go out of Magnums' sail as he slumped into the love seat.  He had hoped, just for a moment that Higgins really knew Devon Miles.

"So you never really met him, wouldn't know anything personal that only the real Devon Miles would know and you would know?"

There was a drawn out pause as Higgins thought, and quite hard, he then walked over and sat across from Magnum.

"We did exchange one secret, on a social occasion... however it has been so long, I doubt he would remember.  Then again.  Why do you want to know?"

"Higgins, something just felt wrong, I can not place exactly what, but it felt too..."

"Perfect, too structured?"

"Yes, that's exactly it."

Higgins rose from the over stuffed chair and walked over to a console table with a phone atop it.  He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Yes hello, yes may I speak with Devon Miles please?  I will wait.  He's not there?  Really, how long has he been gone?  Thank you.  Oh do you recall when he left?  I see, was that after Mr. Magnum spoke to him?  I see thank you."

Higgins hung up the phone and walked so he was standing across from where Magnum was sitting.

"It looks like you were right.  Devon Miles has been away from FLAG for the past several days, and no one has been able to reach him.  According to Ms. Barstow, he never received any calls, but she would not be able to confirm that due to Devon having been gone for at least the past seven days."

Magnum rose from the love seat, he began to walk toward the exit of the estate, he stopped realizing Higgins was not following him.

"Higgins, aren't you coming?"

"There is little I can do coming with you.  I need to stay here and be sure that none of your friends lay waste to the estate.  However here is the number to reach Ms. Barstow and FLAG, I suggest you check it against the number you called earlier.  Best of luck."

"Yea, I think I am going to need it."

Magnum walked out of the estate and toward the bright red Ferrari. He got into the car and drove away  as the lads began to pursue.   He was outside the gates before the lads were in range to catch up with him.  

"I know what you're thinking, and when I write my book on being the top Private Investigator I will include a chapter on not falling into obvious traps, because this seemed to be one.  However I was going to see if maybe, just maybe Rick or T.C. could help, because I knew I was going to need their help."

                                                   *   *   *

Leroy Jethro Gibbs had rejoined his team.  He walked over to where Ziva and Tony were standing.

"Are we waiting for an invitation inside?"

Ziva spoke, her tone non decrypt.

"The owner refused to allow us to enter, said she would only allow the man named Gibbs to be in her presence,"

Tony interjected before Ziva could continue.

"She was very insistent boss, said that only the one named Gibbs would be allowed inside."

"Really?  Ziva come with me.  DiNozzo find a way to be useful.  Who is this woman who knows of me and refuses access?"

"Boss, it's ...."

Before DiNozzo could finish his sentence the woman emerged onto the front porch.  She was neither slim nor over weight, a middle weight, good features, and eyes that could rip a mans' soul from him without a word ever being said.

"Long time Ree, what was it Spain in '88 or Malta in 2k?"

"Long Beach in '98.  So you are with NCIS these days?  Well come in, and just you.  I don't know your team, and in all honesty I have no interest in meeting them."

"After you Ree."

Ziva and Tony watched as Ree and Gibbs walked into the house, Ziva turned and looked at Tony, her eyes were wide with disbelief and her tone elevated with a touch of shock.

"Did I see what I thought I saw, did that woman just treat us like we were children, for the second time?"

"Yea, and Gibbs didn't object.  I have one other question."

"Yes, what is it Tony?"

"What kind of name is Ree?"

Ziva glared at DiNozzo but said nothing.

Inside the house Gibbs had sat down in one of several large chairs.  He smiled politely as he watched Ree take a drag then look him in the eyes.

"So why are you here in Hawaii with your team?  No, wait... let me guess?  It has to do with, oh what's name??? Rabb?"

"How would you know about something that should be top secret?"

Ree smiled.  Her tone remained mellow as she responded.

"Come on Gibbs, you ask me that?  I knew things before your President knew them, that's why I worked with every agency in the book, including ones that don't officially exist.  So the son of Rabb has the whole establishment worried.  Let me guess, some branches especially Sec Nav is worried this will be a repeat of what happened with his father?"

"Actually getting any information on this one has been like pulling teeth, of a great white shark.  I have been told at least five different stories and the only information I half believe is what I got from Steve McGarrett, and that's because he's ex Navy."

Ree Anderson sat back in her chair and looked at her old friend.

"Honestly Leroy, I know very little about what has happened to Rabb,  I know he  vanished and that everyone is in an uproar.  I also know that no-one is talking to anyone completely. Now, there is a man who may know more."

Ree took another drag, then calmly continued.

"He is an art dealer on Kauai, runs a small place, where a restaurant had been in the '80's.  The place is called Fantasy Art.  Be careful though, he is tricky to deal with.  Bring the girl and leave Mr. Movies behind,  A pretty smile and friend of mine has more influence than anything.  I will let him know to expect you."

As Gibbs got up so did Ree.  She crossed and stood inches from her old friend.  

"Do me a favor when this is over?"

"What's that Ree?"

"Stop back for a proper visit.  I would love ti know what one of my old friends has been up to?"

"Ree, I think you know, but I will try and arrange a visit."

"That's all I can ask for."

Gibbs walked out of the house and rejoined his team.  He had a feeling that Ree had held back, but he did not push.  He knew she had her reasons.  

"Ziva, pack your bags.  You and I are traveling to Kauai.  DiNozzo, I want you and McGee to do a complete investigation into the recent activity of one Ree Anderson.  Let's go people."

As they drove off Ree Anderson watched from her window, she turned and faced a man in the shadows.

"Soon it will be over, soon you won't have to worry."

"I know."

Then there was silence.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturdays' Snaps.

Didn't have that many great photos this week.  So just maybe two for you all.  Sorry I am posting so late in the day, but got up late and have been in a funky mood.  Enough said, here are a few photos from this week.

 Sunset at the apartment complex.  Wednesday February 13th First of 3

  Snowfall Our Apartment Thursday February 14th One of 4 pictures

 Shuttle pick up outside Chase Bank on 16th Street Mall February 14th Downtown Denver.
 People preparing for the Rise Up presentation at Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall, Denver February 14th.
 D&F Tower 16th Street Mall.  Denver February 14th,
 Businesses at Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall Denver February 14th
 Night photos, 16th Street Mall Hard Rock Cafe February 14th one of two pictures

 A surprise by my wonderful wife for Valentines Day.  The painting is titled Rooted in Love and was done by my wonderful wife.  Whom I love more and more each day.  One of two pictures.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Do you remember???

I was watching television early this morning, and saw a new program featuring Gordon Ramsey.  For those not familiar with this man, he owns several successful restaurants in the United Kingdom, and has made a reputation coming to the rescue of restaurants on the fringe of failure.

To say he is abrasive and brash is being polite, and in all honesty, there is no polite way to describe Gordon Ramsey, normally.

However the show I saw this morning was something vastly different, it is titled Ramsey Behind Bars.  Now I some people who would love to see Gordon Ramsey locked up behind bars and the key thrown away, and to be honest, at first that is exactly what I thought had happened here.

But it was not, and what this program is about is giving people a chance to make something of their life, give them a set of skills and open a door way for them when they leave prison.

I know how a lot of people would react, why waste our time, these people are in prison because they broke the law, why would they ever change.

Well before I continue my review of this program, this is where I put my question.


I know, I am screaming at the top of my voice with this question; however I am doing so, so you do not miss the question.

There was a time, and it does not seem so far back, that I remember that we would give people a second chance, whether they be a person down on their luck, or a former criminal trying to turn their life around.

We have become judgemental and now we feel that no criminal should be let lose, they will only come out and do it again.

Some do, and some get lost and fail because no one will even give them a chance.  It could have been a kid who was a first time offender and was locked away for several years.  

That kid, may not have skills, and in many cases, with the exception of making license plates many don't.

So this is where Gordon Ramsey comes in.

See I got back to the review, after getting you to think, sneaky eh?

Gordon Ramsey has been working inside one of the toughest prisons in the U.K. and has come up with a revolutionary concept, train prisoners to become top line cooks and chefs.  

You can get off the floor now.

He started with 12 prisoners, of mixed backgrounds, and he began by getting them to be top line pastry cooks.  Teaching them how to make treacle an English pastry with a semi tart frosting.

He went out to present these to the public, as Bad Boys Pastries.  He found a sample market, and found people would respond positively.

He wanted to take it up a notch and see if he could do lunch time sandwiches of mixed types, but he ran into problems, the prison system does not have enough staff to guard the prisoners and escort them from their cells at six in the morning, so even though there would be a definite market, the prison system found a way to say no.

This is a problem that Ramsey kept running into, the fact that he a businessman was coming into their realm and trying not only to do something, but succeeding at something the prisons could not, would not do.

However Gordon Ramsey is not a quitter.  He looks at a problem and finds a way to still make crapes Suzette.

So he downsized going back to the pastry idea, and redesigning the pastry, so it could be sold nationwide in coffeehouses.

To launch this he had his eight chefs in training turn out a three course meal for 50 of the most prominent people in the U.K. market place as well as the head of the prison system.

The meal went remarkably well.  Now the question remains, can Bad Boys Bakery become a success and a long term enterprise that helps many to turn their lives around.

I do not know, I have not as yet seen the final episode of this series.

I can and will say this.

I realize this is being done in an entirely different country, with different political system to some degree.  However should this be successful, I hope that we will be brave enough to do this here in the United States.

If this can turn the life around of 8 to 12 people per prison, to begin with, these people become successful workers and eventually owners of their own restaurants, they can have more of a positive impact than any Government program, written by lawyers with no concept of how the real world works.

Lets' hope Gordon Ramsey succeeds for the good of the people of England and the rest of the world.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poetry from the Soul of Me

My Valentine

You are my Valentine, come rain or shine.
We at times may disagree, and at times wonder what will come to be?
Yet through the storms of our daily struggles, we will come together and snuggle.
Sharing our hopes for a better tomorrow as we overcome all the struggles and occasional sorrow.
You Naila Moon are my Valentine, I hope always to see your smile and your eyes shine, with the delight that radiates day or night.

Your husband

Tamirisc M Richards.

Now some music

A new young man in music, Bruno Mars, and Just the Way You Are.

Now another version of this song, the one I grew up with from the 1970's Billy Joel's  Just the Way You are.

Happy Valentines day my love, from now to Infinity and Beyond.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday's Music Moves me to Valentines Day Early

As everyone knows, this Thursday is National Billy Joel Celebration day!  This means there will be lots' of "Honesty" Cards, and "River of Dreams" Cakes, with of course Boxes of "She's got a way about her" Candies.  Most importantly we will be looking into "Rosalinda's Eyes" as we're "Half a Mile Away" from "52nd Street" to meet up with a "Stranger" who is "Always a Woman to Me."

No I will not be playing all of those today.  What... Thursday isn't National Billy Joel Celebration Day?

Are you sure?

Oh, that's right... Thursday is Valentines Day.  Well I am going to give you some wonderful music for Valentines Day, without love in the title and it may not even be in the words; however it will be expressed in the song itself.

So starting this off is a song by... Guess who?  No go ahead and guess?

Yep  Billy Joel, that expresses what we really need in a relationship, it's all about HONESTY.  This comes from his hit album "52nd Street" which came out October 13th 1978.  

Here it's about the most evasive aspect of a long loving relationship, as he sings... "If I only had the words to tell you."  

This is from one of his first albums, the song itself was not a hit but for many it was one of his most expressive songs at that time and even today.  It came from "Piano Man" which was released on November 9th, 1973.  Of course the big song from the album was the title track "Piano Man."

Now we come to one of the most romantic ballads Billy Joel ever sang, it was from his first album "Cold Spring Harbor" which came out on November 1st. 1971.  

If you have the original album, you have a collectors piece because it was reedited in 1983 and according to Joel, he still dislikes the reedited version.  Maybe one day the album will be re-cut the way it should have been all along.

We go back to "52nd Street again, this time it is one of the most romantic Ballads Joel did.  A song about tying the knot and so much more... and again it is about how love knows no boundaries whether it be race creed religion or profession.

In this case, it is race as Billy Joel expresses the love for a young woman who is Latina in "Rosalinda's Eyes."

Now it comes almost full circle, because the last song, at least by Mr. Joel is "It's All about Soul"  Which approapriately came off of Billy Joels' next to last album, which was "River of Dream" which came out August 10th, 1993.

I am closing this off, with a song not by Billy Joel.  This song ties in though with the original theme of not being tied to Love being in the title, although it does appear in the words.

The song was originally made famous by a duet of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  This version was recorded by the Bee Gees 

The Bee Gee's wrote the song originally, but did not record it until 2001.

So there you have it.  My tribute to National Billy Joel Celebration Day... Sorry, sorry.  I mean Valentines Day.  Hope you enjoyed this unusual mix of music.

I know, I know it was predominantly Billy Joel, however I hope you still enjoyed it, and hopefully this will inspire you to do something special for Valentines Day.  Like play all of your favorite Billy Joel songs.

Have a fantastic Valentines Day this Thursday.

Til next Monday, this is Tamirisc M Richards signing off.

The Sunday Cereal Call Me Java

Michael Knight was walking into the parking lot, and talking into his watch to KITT.  He was not paying attention to his surroundings, a bad habit he knew better, but his behavior was going against common sense.

"KITT, I need any information on..."

Before Michael could continue, a dark blue Ford Mustang came rushing through the parking lot and before Michael could respond, he found himself being thrown over the hood of the Mustang and onto the solid concrete of the parking lot.

"Michael, Michael... what did you wish information on???"

In a weakened tone Michael responded.

"KI...T...T...  HELP... Help, I waaaas hit by a...."

"Michael, Michael.  I am contacting the nearest hospital to dispatch an ambulance.  I am locked on and sending them your current conditions."

"K....I....T....T, hurry.  Hurry.  I feel weak."

Michael Knight passed out, just as Thomas Magnum entered the parking lot and saw him passed out.  Quickly Magnum ran over to where Michael was laying."

"Michael, Michael what happened?  Michael?"

At the same time, that Magnum was trying to raise Michael, a voice came over Michaels' watch.

"Michael, the ambulance is on the way, it should arrive in ten minutes or less."

"That's great, who is this?"

"I am sorry, who am I speaking to?"

"Listen we could go on endlessly on this, I just want to know who is assisting here?"

There was a pause then a different voice responded.

"This is Devon Miles, head of FLAG, I am assisting currently."

Magnum knew this was not the same voice, but he knew arguing would not solve anything.

"Mister Miles, this is Thomas Magnum, right now Michael is unconscious, and from what I can tell his blood pressure is low, around 70 over 50."

Just then the sound or sirens cut the air.  And then the ambulance came to a halt and the paramedics quickly brought a stretcher and emergency equipment to where Michael Knight was laying.

"Well take it from here, thanks for passing on the information."

Before Magnum could respond the Paramedics had Michael on the stretcher and in the ambulance.  Before Thomas Magnum could do anything the ambulance was on its' way to the hospital.

As Magnum was walking to his Ferrari, he saw another ambulance pull in, one of the Paramedics approached Magnum.

"Hey brudda, where's the guy who was a hit and run victim?"

Magnum did a double take then before he could respond, he ran to his Ferrari and took off.

"I realized I had no idea what I was doing, I had not paid any attention to the ambulance that had left with Michael Knight, yet I had to something."

Magnum found himself in a major traffic jam, as nearly ten ambulances sped past him.  He sat in his Ferrari, his eyes almost glazing over.

"Never had I seen so many ambulances in one day.  I had no idea if Michael Knight was on his way to the hospital or was a prisoner.  What I knew was I was over my head, I needed help, and I wouldn't be finding any until I could get out of this traffic jam."

"Suddenly I realized that Devon Miles might be able to help, now I just needed to contact him... as soon as I got out of this traffic jam that is."