Sunday, February 3, 2013

Call Me Java Sunday's Cereal

"Sometimes you know exactly how things will go, even before you go into the situation.  I knew when I went into the main estate at Robins' Nest, that Gibbs would try and keep me from most of the information.  He was NCIS, and as a Naval Criminal Investigator his job was to keep information under control and see that as little as possible got out to the public."

"Now McGarrett on the other hand kept trying to make sure that I was given full access, so I could do what I needed to."

Magnum was pulling into the King Kamaehameha Clubs' parking lot at this moment.  He still was working on how to approach Rick on needing to speak with Ice Pick on this matter.

"All I knew is that I was in something that Rick would not believe.  For that matter I was still struggling with this."

Magnum walked into the 
King Kamehameha Club.  As he did he noticed Michael Knight sitting at the bar.  Rick was looking at Michael like he had lost his mind.  

"Hey Rick, how are you doing?"

"Thomas, first off you still owe me for last weeks' tab, and secondly I am glad you are here.  This guy wants me to put him in touch with Ice Pick, because he is trying to track down Harmon Rabb Jr."

"Hello Michael, so how did you find out about Rick's ...never mind, you contacted FLAG."

"I did, but this guy just will not listen."

"You know this guy Thomas?"

"Yes Rick.  This is Michael Knight of the Foundation for Law and Government, he and I are working on the same case."

Rick did a double take, first at this stranger then his friend.

"Thomas, I know you have had your share of unusual cases, but this one takes the cake.  A former J.A.G. officer goes missing, and every agency is trying to find him?"

Both Thomas and Michael looked at each other in disbelief then at Rick.  It was Michael who spoke first.

"Excuse me, I was under the impression that Rabb was still active.  That is what we have been briefed on at least."

"You really are serious about this?  So Thomas, let me guess... you too want to speak with Ice Pick on this?"

"Yea Rick.  Ice Pick may be able to answer the questions about what is really going on here.  Right now, it's like being blind in a dark alley."

Rick shook his head.  He ignored Michael Knight and looked at his old friend.  

"Alright Thomas, not because of Mr. Flag, or whatever his name is. "

Before Rick could continue Michael Knight broke in.

"Listen, I know I am an outsider here, however the more we debate this, the more time we lose, and time is something we can not get back!"

"He's right Rick, we need to speak with Ice Pick as soon as possible."

"As I was going to say Thomas, I will put you in touch with Ice Pick, because I know that Ice Pick will accept speaking to you.  I also trust you, even though this case is crazy as they come."

"Great Rick, and I really owe you for this one.  Just one thing, why did you say Rabb is a former J.A.G. officer, as I said we have been briefed otherwise."

Rick polished a glass and put it aside then looked at his friend.

"Because when Harmon Rabb Jr. Came into the Club a week ago, he was buying drinks for everyone celebrating his leaving J.A.G. and the Navy, once and for all.  He made a big deal out of it, said that Mac just did not understand him and he needed time and space away from everything."

Both Magnum and Knight responded at the same instant in time.

"He was here a week ago!  Why didn't you say anthing before now?"

"Because, neither of you asked.  What am I supposed to be, a mind reader.  I will call you as soon as I have a time set up with Ice Pick."

Without thinking Thomas Sullivan Magnum did something out of character. he placed a $20.00 bill on the bar.

"Keep the change.  Thanks Rick."

Magnum left before Rick had a chance to respond directly.

"I don't believe it, he actually left a $20.00 and didn't ask for change?  Something has got Thomas spooked.  So Mr. Flag...."

"That's Knight, and I would really appreciate if you would contact me too when you have contacted Ice Pick."

"Listen Mister Knight, I know Thomas, he and I go way back.  Ice Pick knows Thomas, they have worked together on occasions before.  I do not know you, I have no reason to trust you, nor does Ice Pick... and I will not put someone I do not know, and have no reason to trust in contact with a very confidential contact.  So drink your drink then leave.  You will get nothing more from me.  Have a nice day."

Michael Knight was floored, he was used to having people do what he asked.  Yet he was an outsider here.  He needed information though and he did not like having to depend on a Private Eye he did not know.

"Alright.  Maybe I can get in touch with an old friend while I am here  Do you know how I could contact Daniel Williams?"

Rick smiled, his voice was sarcastic as he responded.

"Which one, there are a lot of people with that name."

"Daniel Williams of Five O.  He and I go way back, I knew him when I was a cop with L.A.P.D."

"You know Dano Williams?"

"Yea, of course it was a while back, before I was shot and took on a new last name.  My name was Michael Long back then."

"Yea well, I will see what I can do.  Leave me a number.  You owe  $16.98 for your drinks."

Michael felt he was being jipped, but he did not want any more headaches.  He was outside his comfort zone and on his own.  He paid the bill and walked off.  As soon as he was out of ear shot he spoke into his watch.

"KITT, I need a complete background check on a Rick Wright, I need to know his association with a Thomas Magnum and someone known as Ice Pick.  I need this as quick as you can get it for me pal."

"Very well Michael.  Michael, how are we doing?"

"Lousy pal, we are striking out and the bases are loaded.  We need some magic here soon, or I think we will be too late."

"I'll do all I can Michael."

"Thanks pal."

As Michael Knight walked toward the parking lot a dark gray Ford Mustang came out of no where and was bearing down on him.


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  1. Ohhhh now that was not nice to leave me hanging like that!

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