Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Music Moves me to Music that brings back memories

So this weeks theme is music that brings back positive memories.  

First up is a song by PINK FLOYD, Shine on you crazy Diamond.  The first time I heard this song, I was in High School and this song reminds me of a time in my life when  everything was ahead of me and there was nothing but potential.

The next piece is a title theme from one of my favorite Science Fiction series.  The series it self is so positive it gives me hope for the future.
Surprise!  I bet none of you expected this main title theme, from a series most have forgotten.  This series was an upbeat theme when my life was going in several directions all at once.  

No matter how bad things were, once a week there was Captain Nathan Hale Bridger and the crew of SeaQuest overcoming the odds and somehow always maintaining a positive view of the world.  Something that I needed at points back then.

Lastly is a piece by a very talented Broadway actor, who has done live performances as a singer and comic.  However nearly two generations know him from a situation comedy he was in.

The Gentleman is Hal Linden, and he is singing a song that expresses how I feel about my beloved.  This is a song that has always been a favorite of mine, so here is Hal Linden with  "I won't last a day without you."

This is it this time, no epics for me.  I hope you have enjoyed this music trek nd will be back next week with more music.

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Til next time this is Tamirisc M Richards.


  1. Who knew Hal Linden could sing? Not me. I love this song - so beautiful and how sweet you feel this way about your gal.

    Thanks for dancing with us on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

  2. Hey, I use to watch Seaquest! That was the neatest show! HEY check it out Barney Miller can sing! He's good! Wow thanks for sharing dude! I'm already followin' Thanks for playin' along today and sharing some of your past cool memories! Wow check out how young Carol Burnett is. I loved her show too!

  3. Marie, I love season 1 and 3 of SeaQuest, season 2 does not exist. Loved the technology and story lines. Yep Hal Linden is a great singer, known that since I was a teen. The first song I heard him do, was What I did for Love, from a Chorus Line. I could not find that recording last night. If you have the chance to hear him sing that, you will be in tears. He has such a wonderful voice.

  4. Ahh yes I remember those days of potential.

    Very nice list.
    Thanks for sharing your attachment to these songs.

    Aloha :)