Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sunday Cereal Call me Java Knightmares in the Daytime

"Yes, yes Mister Magnum.  No Michael is fine, we had him picked up in a private ambulance and taken to one of the hospitals that we have available to us.  I will have Michael contact you as soon as he is awake and in better shape.  Yes, thank you for your concern."

"So, do you think he bought it?"

Devon smiled.

"Why wouldn't he, as far as Thomas Magnum is concerned he just talked with Devon Miles, he has no reason not to believe what I told him.  And when you visit him in a few days, he will have no idea you aren't Michael... after all you are identical twins."

"Something I detest.  I despise this.  Me passing myself off as that fake do-gooder.  We should just take down FLAG and be done with it, once and for all."

"Patience Garth, soon enough we will both have what we desire.  You will have destroyed Michael Knights' legacy and we will have wiped out FLAG and all it has accomplished.  With the real Michael Knight here, depending on us for staying alive, we have no one who can interfere."

"I'll believe that when it all comes together."


                                             *   *   *

"No thank you Higgins, I am telling you something just felt wrong about that call.  I mean, does FLAG even have facilities here in the Islands?"

"Magnum, why would Devon Miles lie to you?"

Thomas Magnum stopped where he stood, then turned and looked at Higgins.  

"You know Devon Miles?"

"Why yes, quite well, we were in Her Majesties Secret Service, not at the same time.  I was leaving to come out here to head up security and Devon was just finishing a tour, prior to taking on the mantle of heading up FLAG.  Very bright chap, I met him only in passing."

The wind seemed to go out of Magnums' sail as he slumped into the love seat.  He had hoped, just for a moment that Higgins really knew Devon Miles.

"So you never really met him, wouldn't know anything personal that only the real Devon Miles would know and you would know?"

There was a drawn out pause as Higgins thought, and quite hard, he then walked over and sat across from Magnum.

"We did exchange one secret, on a social occasion... however it has been so long, I doubt he would remember.  Then again.  Why do you want to know?"

"Higgins, something just felt wrong, I can not place exactly what, but it felt too..."

"Perfect, too structured?"

"Yes, that's exactly it."

Higgins rose from the over stuffed chair and walked over to a console table with a phone atop it.  He picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Yes hello, yes may I speak with Devon Miles please?  I will wait.  He's not there?  Really, how long has he been gone?  Thank you.  Oh do you recall when he left?  I see, was that after Mr. Magnum spoke to him?  I see thank you."

Higgins hung up the phone and walked so he was standing across from where Magnum was sitting.

"It looks like you were right.  Devon Miles has been away from FLAG for the past several days, and no one has been able to reach him.  According to Ms. Barstow, he never received any calls, but she would not be able to confirm that due to Devon having been gone for at least the past seven days."

Magnum rose from the love seat, he began to walk toward the exit of the estate, he stopped realizing Higgins was not following him.

"Higgins, aren't you coming?"

"There is little I can do coming with you.  I need to stay here and be sure that none of your friends lay waste to the estate.  However here is the number to reach Ms. Barstow and FLAG, I suggest you check it against the number you called earlier.  Best of luck."

"Yea, I think I am going to need it."

Magnum walked out of the estate and toward the bright red Ferrari. He got into the car and drove away  as the lads began to pursue.   He was outside the gates before the lads were in range to catch up with him.  

"I know what you're thinking, and when I write my book on being the top Private Investigator I will include a chapter on not falling into obvious traps, because this seemed to be one.  However I was going to see if maybe, just maybe Rick or T.C. could help, because I knew I was going to need their help."

                                                   *   *   *

Leroy Jethro Gibbs had rejoined his team.  He walked over to where Ziva and Tony were standing.

"Are we waiting for an invitation inside?"

Ziva spoke, her tone non decrypt.

"The owner refused to allow us to enter, said she would only allow the man named Gibbs to be in her presence,"

Tony interjected before Ziva could continue.

"She was very insistent boss, said that only the one named Gibbs would be allowed inside."

"Really?  Ziva come with me.  DiNozzo find a way to be useful.  Who is this woman who knows of me and refuses access?"

"Boss, it's ...."

Before DiNozzo could finish his sentence the woman emerged onto the front porch.  She was neither slim nor over weight, a middle weight, good features, and eyes that could rip a mans' soul from him without a word ever being said.

"Long time Ree, what was it Spain in '88 or Malta in 2k?"

"Long Beach in '98.  So you are with NCIS these days?  Well come in, and just you.  I don't know your team, and in all honesty I have no interest in meeting them."

"After you Ree."

Ziva and Tony watched as Ree and Gibbs walked into the house, Ziva turned and looked at Tony, her eyes were wide with disbelief and her tone elevated with a touch of shock.

"Did I see what I thought I saw, did that woman just treat us like we were children, for the second time?"

"Yea, and Gibbs didn't object.  I have one other question."

"Yes, what is it Tony?"

"What kind of name is Ree?"

Ziva glared at DiNozzo but said nothing.

Inside the house Gibbs had sat down in one of several large chairs.  He smiled politely as he watched Ree take a drag then look him in the eyes.

"So why are you here in Hawaii with your team?  No, wait... let me guess?  It has to do with, oh what's name??? Rabb?"

"How would you know about something that should be top secret?"

Ree smiled.  Her tone remained mellow as she responded.

"Come on Gibbs, you ask me that?  I knew things before your President knew them, that's why I worked with every agency in the book, including ones that don't officially exist.  So the son of Rabb has the whole establishment worried.  Let me guess, some branches especially Sec Nav is worried this will be a repeat of what happened with his father?"

"Actually getting any information on this one has been like pulling teeth, of a great white shark.  I have been told at least five different stories and the only information I half believe is what I got from Steve McGarrett, and that's because he's ex Navy."

Ree Anderson sat back in her chair and looked at her old friend.

"Honestly Leroy, I know very little about what has happened to Rabb,  I know he  vanished and that everyone is in an uproar.  I also know that no-one is talking to anyone completely. Now, there is a man who may know more."

Ree took another drag, then calmly continued.

"He is an art dealer on Kauai, runs a small place, where a restaurant had been in the '80's.  The place is called Fantasy Art.  Be careful though, he is tricky to deal with.  Bring the girl and leave Mr. Movies behind,  A pretty smile and friend of mine has more influence than anything.  I will let him know to expect you."

As Gibbs got up so did Ree.  She crossed and stood inches from her old friend.  

"Do me a favor when this is over?"

"What's that Ree?"

"Stop back for a proper visit.  I would love ti know what one of my old friends has been up to?"

"Ree, I think you know, but I will try and arrange a visit."

"That's all I can ask for."

Gibbs walked out of the house and rejoined his team.  He had a feeling that Ree had held back, but he did not push.  He knew she had her reasons.  

"Ziva, pack your bags.  You and I are traveling to Kauai.  DiNozzo, I want you and McGee to do a complete investigation into the recent activity of one Ree Anderson.  Let's go people."

As they drove off Ree Anderson watched from her window, she turned and faced a man in the shadows.

"Soon it will be over, soon you won't have to worry."

"I know."

Then there was silence.



  1. Anytime a post contains Mozart and the Muppet Show it gets an A+ from me.

  2. Ohhhh another cliff hanger!
    Ree huh? *chuckles*

    Who is this mystery shadow now. Hmmm???

    Cannot wait for the next part.