Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday's Cereal Time without meaning and the greatest fear.

There was silence, and pain. "Where am I?"

A familiarf voice responded to the question, a voice Michael Knight had not heard in nearly six years, or had it been longer?

"I have been trying to figure that out for the past week, at least I think it's only been a week.  Hard to tell, when you can't even be sure if it is day or night."

"Dan, Danny Williams?"

"Yea, wait I know that voice.  Michael, Michael Long?  I heard you died six years ago in a shooting incident in L.A.  So how did you end up here?"

Michael Knight began to move toward the voice of his old friend, carefully feeling the walls for any hints of doors or protrusions. 

"Part of a multi department investigation into trying to find a former J.A.G. officer, sorry can't say much more because you have been flagged also."

"Doesn't surprise me, I go on vacation and vanish.  Not surprised Steve might wonder what had happened to me.  You wouldn't know what today's date is, would you?"

Michael stopped inches from where the voice was coming from.  His eyes were adjusted to the darkness now, he could see the profile of someone who could be Dan Williams... but now Michael was confused, had it only been six years?  It seemed longer.

"You know Danny, I am not sure.  When I woke up this morning I sware it was June 17th of 1987, now... now I am not certain.  I have begun to wonder what has been going on since I was hit by a car just a day or so ago.  Time seems to be out of synch here."

Danny Williams exhaled then spoke, his voice showed the relief he felt, but also indicated confusion.

"Glad to know it's not just me feeling that way, since I left for vacation, it has been as if I can't follow what day it is, and as I said I went on vacation, and pow, I found myself here like on the second day and I think that was about a week or so ago, but I can't be certain."

Michael began to think, the last thing he remembered was being at the funeral of his new wife, and his best friend Stevie Mason, that had been, six months ago, everything he had done and been through after that was a blank.

"So you too have a feeling of lost time as well?"

Danny sat down, he shook his head.

"Right now, I am uncertain of everything.  I feel completely lost.  I mean how did you get here, and as I said, the last I heard you were dead.  Killed and a case unresolved as to who had taken you down... and now... well here you suddenly are."

Michael realized he had to explain in some way what had happened.  Yet he felt that eyes were watching him, after five years in FLAG and dealing with bizare situations like this, he was guarded how much he spoke openly. 

"Yea. well Michael Long died nearly six years ago, and Michael Knight was born.  I work for a special agency, and I have found myself in many situations like this.  But what makes this different, is that usually I am confronting these situations by myself.  Never with an old friend."

Michael sat down, there were no indications of doors or protrusions of any kind, the only thing he could think was that the doors were somehow concealed.  Right now he wished he had his watch, so he could contact KITT.

                                          *     *      *     *

Steve McGarrett looked out the window in his office, he still was having a hard time accepting that his number one assistant and best friend was under suspicion of somehow being involved in this matter.  There was a knock on his door, he turned and walked back to his desk.


Chin Ho and Duke entered the office.

"Any progress gentlemen?"

Chin Ho spoke up, his tone was cautious and reserved.

"Still no leads Steve.  Every time we think we are as step closer to finding something on Rabb, the trail suddenly goes cold."

McGarett looked at Chin and knew he was holding back.

"Alright Chin, now what aren't you telling me?"

"A body was found in Kahama Valley Park... According to what they can tell... Steve, they think it's Danno."

A hush fell over the room, a silence that felt like a ten ton weight.  Steve McGarret stared at Chin and he slammed his fist into his desk.  He errupted like Kilauea.

"POSSIBLY!  We don't deal in possibly.  Danno's not dead, I know that!  Get that corpse in here as fast as possible and have Doc do an immediate otopsy.  I want to know pow, who that is!"

Chin could see the fire in his bosses eyes, he had never seen Steve McGarret this upset in all the years he had known him.

"Right boss."

McGarret watched as his men left his office.  He had said he knew Danno wasn't dead, but he wasn't sure.  If he was how had it happened?  He prayed his friend was alive, but now... now he needed to refocus on finding Rabb.

A terrible thought crossed his mind, something he prayed he was wrong about.  What if Harmon Rabb Jr. had killed Danno, what if this ex J.A.G. officer had lost it and was now a killer?  

He put this thought out of his mind, as he said he had to focus on facts, not things that had not been proven as yet.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Do You Remember

Do you remember when there were high quality dramatic series on network television week nights?

Well this evening I found a new dramatic series through a week long special allowing viewers to view Premium series at no cost.  The series is called "THE NEWSROOM" and is on HBO. 

This series uses actual news events as the setting for the background for the series.  The series has a huge ensemble cast and mixes the personal lives of the characters,  the politics of the office and the coverage of the stories.

The series is tightly written and you forget that this is not a real news room. 

If you have not seen THE NEWSROOM, check it out.  It is well worth the time.  It is a series that you will follow religously.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the very first time you watched DOCTOR WHO? 

I do, and I was reminded of this today, while riding on a bus today.  A young man and woman were talking about DOCTOR WHO, the young man was explaining about how the Doctor does not die, that he regenerates and starts over with a new life.

As I listened I was amazed by how excited the young couple were about this show.  The young woman was actually becoming excited as the young man continued his explanation.

I have been a fan of many series, from the Original STAR TREK, to the NCIS franchise, and I have talked in private many times with friends about how an episode was exciting, or how certain characters were my favorites and why.

Yet in all my years, I can not recall talking publically with anyone about a show as I heard these young people today. 

Over the past couple years I have come to appreciate DOCTOR WHO much more than I did in the past.  In one episode of DOCTOR WHO the Doctor and his companion(s) will confront anything from a rogue politician to trying to save a race on the verge of extinction.

What makes DOCTOR WHO even more powerful, is that it is one time lord, in this case the  last of the time lords and a companion, or companions involved in the story line.  No throw away characters with three lines of dialogue wearing red shirts and no one using catch phraises like "fascinating" or "I'm a doctor not a,,,"

In the past several years since the return of DOCTOR WHO I have gained new respect for the series.  Both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant's Doctor were much more complex characters.  Eccleston dealing with guilt and sorrow having been the only survivor of the Time war with the Daleks, and Tennant  being willing to offer a hand of peace, but as easily able to take a life.

Tennant was perhaps losing his sense of humanity, for he was willing to violate rules he had always obeyed, he intervened when people had died and whose deaths were recorded  in history, and on occasion took lives, for his own sense of right. 

Doctor Who was not the saem but, while it was different, it still had compelling episdoes that could make you think and on occasion laugh.

So do you remember the first time you watched DOCTOR WHO, and what is your favorite DOCTOR WHO story?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Some Mixed Pics.

 Clock near RTD Nine Mile Park and Ride March 8th 2013
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 RTD Nine Mile Park and Ride March 8th 2013
Sweedish Medical Center March 8 2013

Lochead Avaition sign at Centertrech Blvd Aurora Co Thursday March 14th 2013
 Lockhead Martin Avaition Sigm, Centertrech Blvd Aurora, Co.  Thursday March 13 2013

ARS Services Centertech Blvd and Centertech Court Aurora Co.  Thursday March 14th 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

MONDAYS' Music Moves Me. It's My Life Arriving In Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Adventure Begins July 4th 1986

Last Time I was boarding a Jet at Stapleton International Airport to leave for Las Vegas, Nevada/  Now understand, for me, Las Vegas was a strange new world, because I had never been there, and was only familiar with it from the Robert Uric series Vegas.  So I felt like a member of the Star-ship Enterprise as I was in flight and as I saw the city of Las Vegas come into view out my airlines window.

As the Jet Landed at McCarrin International Airport my new life, adventure was only beginning and I could only wonder what what happen as I took my first breath of air in a new state.  I began to wonder if I would be caught up in some dangerous adventure like from the television series Vegas.

I found residence at a motel very quickly and began to learn my way around.  One of the first places I discovered was a place that no longer exists, called THE NEWSROOM, coffeehouse and News stand.  It was originally on the strip and it was a place where all kinds of people would be, new to Vegas, mysterous people who hid in the shadows, college students.  All types

When I entered the NewsRoom coffeehouse, the owner, a tall large man looked at me and told me in a deep voice.  "I know who you are, and why you are here!"  I took a sip of my Irish Creme coffee and looked at this man and silently said.  "I am glad you do, cause I have no idea who I am"

Even as I asked myself this question I was beginning to discover myself.  Discovering that there was more than the man who felt he could only be a temporary and not find a real job, and more than someone who was unable to live by himself.  I was discovering, for the first time I could do anything.

I also discovered a new spiritual journey that I was on, challenging me to look beyond what I had come to know, and yet had a familiar aspect to it.

I was opening myself to the possibility of love and it was a process, one that would take a long time to realize in full.

I had a job, a place to live and someone who believed in me, and I was coming up on my first five moths of being a new land.  Christmas was around the corner and I wondered what would the new year of 1987 reveal to me.  But right then, in December of 1986 I was not really looking that far ahead, I was just learning to walk like an Egyptian then.

And I was seeing the world in a totally new way.
For the first time I felt anything was possible and nothing could stop me.  I was flying like SUPERMAN.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Special thank you

I just wanted to take a few moments tonight and thank everyone who participated in this past Monday's Music Moves Me.

I had hoped that the people who post would take up my challenge and come up with some great musical combinations and tell some of the story of their lives.

Well I have to say, I am more than impressed by how all of you took up the challenge and responded.

I hope when the next free bee comes around, that you will consider continuing your legacy.

Thank you once again.

Wordless Wednesday

Normally I post photos, I have taken in the last few weeks and share them.

This time I am posting photos of Books I have read over the past few years.  This will give you an idea of some of the books I enjoy reading, and learn a little more about me.

To start off one of the books I am reading currently is a book by John Delancie and Peter David.  The book is titled I,Q and it is a great adventure out of the STAR TREK, The Next Generation legacy.  DeLancie who created the character of Q writes the character only as he could.

Another book I am reading currently is a book on the life of John F. Kennedy.  The book chronicles not only his parents life and how their upbringing influenced how John was raised and what lead to the way he lived and eventually lead as a Senator then President.

A book I read last summer was Why England Slept, this book was written by John F. Kennedy as a graduate project at Harvard.  It helped him graduate with honors, and explores what lead to England not being ready for World War Two, the book has many insightful moments, but it does become cumbersome in how it presents information; however it is well worth the read for the history and look at the brilliance of a young man who would be President of the United States.

A totally different book and topic, was by Bruce Gambel.  The book The Black Sheep: The Definitive Account of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in World War II   
Looked past the well known story, and to great degree myth created by Gregory Boyington, concerning this squadron, and how it had been an active squadron before Boyington came upon the scene, and came back after his internment as a P.O.W.  It also shows Boyington in less than a flattering light, but more realistic manner than most before.  

On a totally different level I had read the entire Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.  I loved these books, because they were full of imagination and great characters.  The books were even better in many ways than the movies, because they included all the characters, many who were left out or reduced in the movies to minor parts.

The last book was a cookbook I bought for one recipe and found it to be one that I would use many times to come.  The book is Bold American Food by Bobby Flai.  The recipe was for Sweet Potato Soup, and it is one that I love.  Saw the recipe on Bobby Flai's cooking show, Boy Meets Grill.  And yes I find Bobby Flai to be one of my favorite cooks.

So there you have it.  Some of the books I have or am reading currently.  Next week I will be back with something more wordless.

Tuesday's Favorites A Tribute to Larry Hagman

Sorry this is running so late in the day, but had some editing issues that arose.

This is a special issue of Tuesday's Favorites, it is my personal tribute to an actor who had been part of my life from the time I was six years old.  That actor was Larry Hagman.  Without further words, here is my tribute.

Here is a tribute I found last night on Youtube, after I watched the last episode of Dallas which set up the departure of J.R. Ewing, aka Larry Hagman.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me IT'S MY LIFE. Awakenings, Revelations and Decisions

This is one time I will be looking for non video videos' because the story is reflected in the music not by the video presentation.

Last time I talked of how I had begun a spiritual journey, I had entered the Catholic Church as an adult, however at the same time I was also exploring other aspects of spirituality

At this same time my life was in turmoil, I was still living safely at home, and was struggling to break free and be part of a larger world.  I was trying to figure out who I was and was drowning still living at home.  I was beginning to ask questions and trying to find the answers.

I was also still dealing with the loss of my father and not coming to terms with that.

In 1982 the loss of my father hit me in the face, when I went to see the Second  STAR TREK Movie, THE WRATH OF KHAN. because with the symbolic death of Leonard Nimoy's Spock, I had to confront openly the emotions I had kept locked inside of me.

I began to realize how I had been injured in my life, by people who always said they were there to help me, whether they be family or friends, and this caused me to doubt people when they said they were my friends or would be more than this.  So much of this came from my mother, who caused tremendous confusion in how I dealt with people.

The confusion caused by the abuse I was coming to realize was expressed brilliantly by PRINCE, and it was this song that expressed the confusion I was feeling internally and when it came to try and develop any relationships.

The person who had introduced me to my spirit quest was someone who was 13 years older than I and I thought I was deeply in love with her, as much as any 20 something young man can feel.  I was confused by emotions that were coming to the surface, because I had not really dated anyone before so I had no experience.  I also didn't know if I could trust her because of the abuse I was realizing had been part of my life

I was feeling lost and confused and I did not feel safe in Colorado, I needed to start my life over again.  I needed to start with a blank page, because here I felt trapped, worse I didn't know if the abuse I had been through would erupt inside of me.

I needed to leave Colorado, and find a new beginning.  So I packed a few items and took off from Stapleton International Airport.  There was no looking back, only forward.

Where did I end up, what happened next, and did I break out of the cycle of addiction?  Tune into my next chapter.

The Sunday Cereal

As Special agents Gibbs and David ran back into the gallery, the heavy smell of gun smoke hung in the air.  

As they slowed their paces checking the area for any sign of the shooter, a voice rang out.

"Stop looking for Rabb, or you will face worse, this is my only warning to you."

Gibbs continued to move cautious in the gallery, he used hand gestures and nodding of his head to signal Special agent David to hear toward the back of the building silently.  She quickly moved, gun drawn.  Her movements were silent and stealthy as a lion on the prowl.

"I appreciate the warning, however this is a matter that we have to resolve.  Mister Rabb's life may be at risk, and we must be sure he is safe."

The voice rang out again, sounding slightly distant now.

"He is safe and that is all you need to know.  You and Special Agent David will leave now, Special Agent Gibbs.  There will be no more warnings and no more communications.  If you stay your lives will be at risk."

Gibbs continued to work his way through the gallery, he noticed two things, no sign of a body, and no further gun shots.  He was beginning to wonder if this has been a means to divert him and Ziva from something else.

"Ziva, stand down.  Anything in your area?"

Ziva David walked back to where Gibbs was standing, her expression was blank and her voice calm.

"No sign of anyone at all Gibbs.  It's as if this were set up to draw us into the gallery so..."

"So we would leave the information unguarded.  Damn it.  Let's head back to the car.  We will be lucky if the documents are still there."

As Gibbs and David left the gallery, there was a sigh, it went unnoticed as had the person who made it.  Silently he exited the room and vanished like the gun smoke that had filled the room moments before.

                                           *     *      *

Michael Knight awoke in a room that seemed as dark as night, there seemed to be no light at all in the room and he had no idea how large the room was.

He raised his wrist to speak into his watch communicator and found nothing there.  Whoever he was dealing with knew about his link with K.I.T.T.  He knew this limited the list of people, and the first name that came to mind was Garth Knight, except as far as Michael knew, Garth was dead... Then again he had supposedly died before.

Just then, a familiar voice rang out of the nothingness that surrounded Michael.

"Welcome to the lair.  Sorry you can't see anything, but the room you are in was designed just for you Michael.  To see how well you function without any of your toys."

Michael was still hurting from being hit, and he was having difficulty speaking, but he forced the words out.

"Garth, so you... you survived.  What are you a cat, with nine lives?"

There was a pause then the voice that sounded identical except it seemed hollow in tone, responded.

"Always trying to be sarcastic  to show you are superior as a fake to the real thing.  Well you can wonder how I survived.  Right now, I have a meeting to attend.  I will be back later.  Have a nice day, or is it night.  Be back later Michael."

There wasn't silence, instead Michael heard the heavy foot steps of Garth Knight and the slamming of a heavy metal door, then there was silence.  He had to wonder why Garth had left the mike open, or had he.  Could he have made a mistake?

"Wish I had a way to reach K.I.T.T.  Better still, wish I could contact Devon.  Of course what what I tell him, I have no idea where I am currently."

Michael began to feel the floor, it was gravel and rock, not concrete.  He felt the walls, they were smooth, metal.  Slowly he rose to his feet, and as quickly fell back to the floor.  He was still hurting, and badly from the hit and run.  It felt like his ribs were hurt and the pain was sharp enough that he could not rise.  

"Great, possible broken ribs, no medical treatment.  That means that Garth is not planning on keeping me around very long.  Damn! I can do nothing.  Unless."

Michel felt that he was still dressed in his leather jacket and light weight shirt.

He removed the jacket and shirt.  

"Hate ruining a perfectly good shirt like this, but I have to do something."

He ripped the shirt as best he could.  He tied it tight around his ribs where they were hurting.

"Hopefully that will help.  Let's see."

He slowly rose to his feet, his ribs still hurt, but not as bad as they had.  He could stand and walk.  Which meant he could test to see how large this room was, and try and find the door.

Slowly he felt his way along the cold metal of the wall.

"Right now I wish I could talk with K.I.T.T., he would be able to tell me how close I am to a door or if there are traps in the floor.  This is frustrating.  At least my eyes are adjusting, I can see a little.  Garth would have this room completely painted black, fits his soul."

His left hand felt something, it felt like a break in the wall, or was it where a door was.  Just then there was a sound suddenly and he froze.

Just inches from where his left hand was a hidden door opened and light entered the room, before he could react a shadowy figure entered the room and grabbed him.

Michael struggled, but he was overpowered because of the injuries. A hood was over his face and he was dragged from the room.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturdays' Snaps

 First two pictures at the Aurora Public Library, taken in one of their study rooms  Saturday March 2nd.  Each are private but have clear windows looking into each room.
 My beautiful Wife.
A  Bus Stop at 6th Avenue near Peoria Street.  March 7th
 Snow desert between the Aurora Public Library and the Centerpoint Bus Depot Tuesday March 4th, the day started with sun and warm, and by 1:P.M. it was snowing and had a solid snow desert.
At the Centerpoint Bus Depot

East Colfax Avenue at Peoria heading toward 16th Street March 4th

 What had been the snow Desert the day before, same location.  Now a mud field so soaked you slip trying to walk across it. March 5th

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do You Remember When Ghost Stories, were just that?

My wife and I love watching programs like The Dead Files and Haunted Collector.  Mainly because we find the whole subject fascinating, and we have both had experiences with Ghosts.

But do you remember when Ghost Stories were for amusement only, something told around camp fires or on Halloween to scare the kids?  Maybe we saw a movie about ghosts, or read a book on the topic; we may have even gone to haunted houses for a laugh, because in those days, 98% of the time those houses were only haunted by people putting on sheets or jumping out from closets.

But then something happened, we began to find out that Ghosts were real.  Television shows like "Crossing Over, with John Edward" came on the air and we began to see people like us, talking about unexplained events in their homes.

We began to wonder, were those stories we told, real after all, and what about when our children came to us with stories of haunting s in one form or another?  Were these real?

Now thanks to channels like SyFy and Travel we have a plethora of shows that look into the whole experience of haunting s.

For me, the show I believe the most is "The Dead Files with Amy Allen"  There is something that just makes me accept that this is true.

So here's my question for all of you who read my page.

Have you had any experiences with hunting's or ghosts?  What was your favorite ghost story as a kid?  Do you have a favorite show that you watch on the subject?

Let me know, and I may surprise you with a story or two of personal experiences as well.  But you need to get the ball rolling, so you let me know and I will share too.

Wordless Wednesday. WHITE OUT

Yesterday, March 4th we had near white out conditions here in Aurora.  This picture I took at an open stretch of land, a small desert, that goes from the opposite side of the street across from the Aurora Central Library, to where the Centerpoint Bus Depot is.  Remember this was yesterday, and it was around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Here's the funny shot. This I took today.  The same area, and it was nothing but mud.  I could hardly stand it was so slippery.  This is how fast the snow melted and and the consequences.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me. IT'S MY LIFE PART TWO

Last time, I left off with Barry Manilow and I write the songs, which spoke to me as a tribute to my father.

In December 1975 my mother and I went to Hawaii to visit my aunt Carolyn and Uncle David.  It was an adventure I did not appreciate at the time.

My uncles son was in a local rock band that has been very successful in the islands, the group Kalapana and here is one of their songs.

We had the opportunity to go to the Arizona memorial and to an actual luau and to see Don Ho, an man who sang traditional Hawaiian songs to a generation more into rock and roll than the songs of his heritage.

My Uncle David also told us of his working on a tv series that ran for 12 years originally and starred Jack Lord.

In 1976 my brother and his family and friends came to visit in the summer, to celebrate the bicentennial.  I stayed up and watched the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder bring in the Bicentennial watch the tall ships come into Boston Harbor.

In 1977 I saw a movie that got me excited about where my life could go, it took place  "a long time ago..."

By 1978 I had been introduced to the music of Billy Joel with his albums of Piano Man, 52nd Street and The Stranger which were gifts to me that Christmas.

In 1978 I was in a school musical called The Me Nobody Knows, as part of the Chorus.  One song that I sang with the rest of the cast, that was very stirring was  SOUNDS

I graduated from Manual High School in 1980 and started to go to Junior College that year.  During my time at Community College of Denver I met a woman who changed my life, she opened me to the a spiritual journey that I am still on today.  At the time that journey was through entering the Roman Catholic Church and I became a member for a short time in a local church choir.

One of the songs we sung was On  Eagles Wings

Little did I know that my spiritual journey would not end with the Catholic Church, but become diversified within just a year.

In 1986 my life would change forever.  

To be Continued...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's Saturday,and it's time for Saturday's Sanps.

Doing something a bit different today.

This is a photo recipe, one of my heart healthy recipes I have been meaning to share with all you wonderful people, and just have not got around to... until today.

So sit back relax and enjoy this photo recipe for heart healthy stuffed peppers Mark and Naila Moon style.

Start off with a can of your favorite Spaghetti sauce, we used Hunt's four cheese.  Hunts sauce is good and cheap, a dollar a can so you can buy in bulk.  

Once you pour in the sauce add five to six bell peppers of mixed colors if you can get them cheap enough.  Core the peppers and let them cook in the sauce for close to two hours, they will be nice and soft.

At the same time in A frying pan or skillet cook up a pound of Ground Turkey burger, season accordingly.  We usually use seasoned salt, because it is healthier than conventional salt.

While cooking the Turkey burger, prepare what ever rice you will use as a co stuffing agent.  You can get flavored rice on sale if you look.  We used Broccoli and cheese rice and prepared it according to instructions on the box.

Check your peppers now, if they are getting soft, it is time to stuff them.

Scoop a soup spoon full of Turkey burger and stuff the pepper then add the rice, repeat until each pepper is stuffed to the top.  

Let cool and serve.
And there you have it.  Heart Healthy Stuffed Pepper ala Mark and Naila Moon  Hope you enjoyed this change in pace, and will enjoy this recipe.

Til next Saturday, this is Mark signing off from the photo lab and kitchen.

Taa taa til next time we meet.