Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Remember?

Do you remember the very first time you watched DOCTOR WHO? 

I do, and I was reminded of this today, while riding on a bus today.  A young man and woman were talking about DOCTOR WHO, the young man was explaining about how the Doctor does not die, that he regenerates and starts over with a new life.

As I listened I was amazed by how excited the young couple were about this show.  The young woman was actually becoming excited as the young man continued his explanation.

I have been a fan of many series, from the Original STAR TREK, to the NCIS franchise, and I have talked in private many times with friends about how an episode was exciting, or how certain characters were my favorites and why.

Yet in all my years, I can not recall talking publically with anyone about a show as I heard these young people today. 

Over the past couple years I have come to appreciate DOCTOR WHO much more than I did in the past.  In one episode of DOCTOR WHO the Doctor and his companion(s) will confront anything from a rogue politician to trying to save a race on the verge of extinction.

What makes DOCTOR WHO even more powerful, is that it is one time lord, in this case the  last of the time lords and a companion, or companions involved in the story line.  No throw away characters with three lines of dialogue wearing red shirts and no one using catch phraises like "fascinating" or "I'm a doctor not a,,,"

In the past several years since the return of DOCTOR WHO I have gained new respect for the series.  Both Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant's Doctor were much more complex characters.  Eccleston dealing with guilt and sorrow having been the only survivor of the Time war with the Daleks, and Tennant  being willing to offer a hand of peace, but as easily able to take a life.

Tennant was perhaps losing his sense of humanity, for he was willing to violate rules he had always obeyed, he intervened when people had died and whose deaths were recorded  in history, and on occasion took lives, for his own sense of right. 

Doctor Who was not the saem but, while it was different, it still had compelling episdoes that could make you think and on occasion laugh.

So do you remember the first time you watched DOCTOR WHO, and what is your favorite DOCTOR WHO story?

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