Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday's Cereal Time without meaning and the greatest fear.

There was silence, and pain. "Where am I?"

A familiarf voice responded to the question, a voice Michael Knight had not heard in nearly six years, or had it been longer?

"I have been trying to figure that out for the past week, at least I think it's only been a week.  Hard to tell, when you can't even be sure if it is day or night."

"Dan, Danny Williams?"

"Yea, wait I know that voice.  Michael, Michael Long?  I heard you died six years ago in a shooting incident in L.A.  So how did you end up here?"

Michael Knight began to move toward the voice of his old friend, carefully feeling the walls for any hints of doors or protrusions. 

"Part of a multi department investigation into trying to find a former J.A.G. officer, sorry can't say much more because you have been flagged also."

"Doesn't surprise me, I go on vacation and vanish.  Not surprised Steve might wonder what had happened to me.  You wouldn't know what today's date is, would you?"

Michael stopped inches from where the voice was coming from.  His eyes were adjusted to the darkness now, he could see the profile of someone who could be Dan Williams... but now Michael was confused, had it only been six years?  It seemed longer.

"You know Danny, I am not sure.  When I woke up this morning I sware it was June 17th of 1987, now... now I am not certain.  I have begun to wonder what has been going on since I was hit by a car just a day or so ago.  Time seems to be out of synch here."

Danny Williams exhaled then spoke, his voice showed the relief he felt, but also indicated confusion.

"Glad to know it's not just me feeling that way, since I left for vacation, it has been as if I can't follow what day it is, and as I said I went on vacation, and pow, I found myself here like on the second day and I think that was about a week or so ago, but I can't be certain."

Michael began to think, the last thing he remembered was being at the funeral of his new wife, and his best friend Stevie Mason, that had been, six months ago, everything he had done and been through after that was a blank.

"So you too have a feeling of lost time as well?"

Danny sat down, he shook his head.

"Right now, I am uncertain of everything.  I feel completely lost.  I mean how did you get here, and as I said, the last I heard you were dead.  Killed and a case unresolved as to who had taken you down... and now... well here you suddenly are."

Michael realized he had to explain in some way what had happened.  Yet he felt that eyes were watching him, after five years in FLAG and dealing with bizare situations like this, he was guarded how much he spoke openly. 

"Yea. well Michael Long died nearly six years ago, and Michael Knight was born.  I work for a special agency, and I have found myself in many situations like this.  But what makes this different, is that usually I am confronting these situations by myself.  Never with an old friend."

Michael sat down, there were no indications of doors or protrusions of any kind, the only thing he could think was that the doors were somehow concealed.  Right now he wished he had his watch, so he could contact KITT.

                                          *     *      *     *

Steve McGarrett looked out the window in his office, he still was having a hard time accepting that his number one assistant and best friend was under suspicion of somehow being involved in this matter.  There was a knock on his door, he turned and walked back to his desk.


Chin Ho and Duke entered the office.

"Any progress gentlemen?"

Chin Ho spoke up, his tone was cautious and reserved.

"Still no leads Steve.  Every time we think we are as step closer to finding something on Rabb, the trail suddenly goes cold."

McGarett looked at Chin and knew he was holding back.

"Alright Chin, now what aren't you telling me?"

"A body was found in Kahama Valley Park... According to what they can tell... Steve, they think it's Danno."

A hush fell over the room, a silence that felt like a ten ton weight.  Steve McGarret stared at Chin and he slammed his fist into his desk.  He errupted like Kilauea.

"POSSIBLY!  We don't deal in possibly.  Danno's not dead, I know that!  Get that corpse in here as fast as possible and have Doc do an immediate otopsy.  I want to know pow, who that is!"

Chin could see the fire in his bosses eyes, he had never seen Steve McGarret this upset in all the years he had known him.

"Right boss."

McGarret watched as his men left his office.  He had said he knew Danno wasn't dead, but he wasn't sure.  If he was how had it happened?  He prayed his friend was alive, but now... now he needed to refocus on finding Rabb.

A terrible thought crossed his mind, something he prayed he was wrong about.  What if Harmon Rabb Jr. had killed Danno, what if this ex J.A.G. officer had lost it and was now a killer?  

He put this thought out of his mind, as he said he had to focus on facts, not things that had not been proven as yet.


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