Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturdays' Snaps

 First two pictures at the Aurora Public Library, taken in one of their study rooms  Saturday March 2nd.  Each are private but have clear windows looking into each room.
 My beautiful Wife.
A  Bus Stop at 6th Avenue near Peoria Street.  March 7th
 Snow desert between the Aurora Public Library and the Centerpoint Bus Depot Tuesday March 4th, the day started with sun and warm, and by 1:P.M. it was snowing and had a solid snow desert.
At the Centerpoint Bus Depot

East Colfax Avenue at Peoria heading toward 16th Street March 4th

 What had been the snow Desert the day before, same location.  Now a mud field so soaked you slip trying to walk across it. March 5th


  1. You just had to post that hardly any snow photo didn't you? Now we have a blizzard! ugh! LOL

    1. Not my fault, it's your mom and her Penguins which do not exist.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU TWO KILL ME! Bwahahahahahaha By the way, you are so lucky you came out to play with us!!! Your wife needs your support in the beginning especially when no one knows about her meme!!! I told her I was going to come over here, and shag you out, but like a good hubby here you are! I'm proud or you sir!!! Have a great weekend! Love the photos. Every time I read Aurora though... I live in Batavia and the next town over is called Aurora... :)

    1. Batavia? Where is Batavia? Sounds like something out of the classic BATMAN comics.

      By the way, have you been following my Sunday Cereal? I know you would love it.