Monday, March 18, 2013

MONDAYS' Music Moves Me. It's My Life Arriving In Las Vegas and The Las Vegas Adventure Begins July 4th 1986

Last Time I was boarding a Jet at Stapleton International Airport to leave for Las Vegas, Nevada/  Now understand, for me, Las Vegas was a strange new world, because I had never been there, and was only familiar with it from the Robert Uric series Vegas.  So I felt like a member of the Star-ship Enterprise as I was in flight and as I saw the city of Las Vegas come into view out my airlines window.

As the Jet Landed at McCarrin International Airport my new life, adventure was only beginning and I could only wonder what what happen as I took my first breath of air in a new state.  I began to wonder if I would be caught up in some dangerous adventure like from the television series Vegas.

I found residence at a motel very quickly and began to learn my way around.  One of the first places I discovered was a place that no longer exists, called THE NEWSROOM, coffeehouse and News stand.  It was originally on the strip and it was a place where all kinds of people would be, new to Vegas, mysterous people who hid in the shadows, college students.  All types

When I entered the NewsRoom coffeehouse, the owner, a tall large man looked at me and told me in a deep voice.  "I know who you are, and why you are here!"  I took a sip of my Irish Creme coffee and looked at this man and silently said.  "I am glad you do, cause I have no idea who I am"

Even as I asked myself this question I was beginning to discover myself.  Discovering that there was more than the man who felt he could only be a temporary and not find a real job, and more than someone who was unable to live by himself.  I was discovering, for the first time I could do anything.

I also discovered a new spiritual journey that I was on, challenging me to look beyond what I had come to know, and yet had a familiar aspect to it.

I was opening myself to the possibility of love and it was a process, one that would take a long time to realize in full.

I had a job, a place to live and someone who believed in me, and I was coming up on my first five moths of being a new land.  Christmas was around the corner and I wondered what would the new year of 1987 reveal to me.  But right then, in December of 1986 I was not really looking that far ahead, I was just learning to walk like an Egyptian then.

And I was seeing the world in a totally new way.
For the first time I felt anything was possible and nothing could stop me.  I was flying like SUPERMAN.



  1. I love the 80s songs. I remember when a-ha's Take Me On video played on MTV.

  2. WOW! That's a lot of songs & a very interesting life you have lived. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fun post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love how you managed to link up all of those songs to go along with your life. Totally rocking tunes.

  5. All excellent choices this week. Happy MM X

  6. As always I"m enjoying your story!

    Thanks for the music too!

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