Monday, October 28, 2013

Mondays Music Moves me

Sorry for the delay, here is my selections this week.

This first one is a new one, from one of my favorite singers from the 1990s' who has a new song out.  Ms Chrissie Hynde formerly of the Pretenders.
Next is a new group called the Killers.  The first time I heard this song was about three weeks ago at work, it is one that gets under your skin.  Not a bad song and an interesting video.

Hope you enjoy my abridged version this week.

See you next week.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Let's start off this spook tacular Monday. with a family. whose favorite holiday is Halloween, where they wake the dead?
 Now we journey into a place that is different than your normal art gallery, for this one is only open during the haunting hour and has only one host.     Now a theme from a short lived series with Daren McGaven that was too terrifying when it first ran and when they tried to bring it back a few years ago.

 So what better way to end this than with a classic song from the 1960s'.  

I hope you all enjoyed this Halloween post, until next time...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I just finished reading perhaps one of the most enjoyable books ever written.

It was not an epic battle of good over evil, nor was it a story of  a brave group of explorers.

It is Floppy the mystery dog, and the new kid.

Yes it is a kids book, aimed at 8-11 year olds, and it is wonderful.  This book will appeal to anyone who has ever had to relocate because a parent or spouse has got a new job and had to relocate the family.

Tommy is just such a kid, a kid who loves Pokemon and had his best friend who he shared his horrible history books with.  Now Tommy is relocated to Southern California and is bored and alone.

But on this day, it rains cats and dogs, and not just your average cats or dogs.

Tommy adopts and is adopted by Floppy a very special dog who helps Tommy break free of his being alone and bored.  

How this happens is part of the fun of this book.  If you want a book that will get you to laugh and enjoy being that new kid again, even if you currently are that new kid, then this book is for you.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday;s Music Moves Me Man and Woman

Okay so this is supposed to a be a challenge, Man or Woman in the title, this is sirmple, when you have the musical background.

Let's start with Harry Belafonte
Now let's do Helen Ready  1978

Okay little debate on this next one, it's a classic from Laurie Anderson from 1985  This was and still is a bizarre piece of music whether it be the video or song,
Last song is a main title from a childrens show of the 1990's any one remember this?  I will admit this is a stretch, it isn't really a song, it is a main title and it is corny and campy beyond belief.  Yet it fits. 
So there you have it from Harry Belefonte to He-Man, what more can I say.  Hope you enjoy this unusual music selection.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me, any day of the week.

I missed posting Monday's Music... yesterday, I was too tired on Sunday and bit upset because the BBC America schedule had a half hour dedicated to Paul McGahn who was the worst Doctor in Doctor Who history, before they were doing the 9th Doctor Revisited.

So because of these two things, I was just not up to posting.  So here is my Music for this week, hope you sit back and enjoy, and that these selections bring back some wonderful memories or lead to some wonderful memories.

To start things off, one of my favorite groups The Moody Blues with a new video and song.  This is as always amazing.

 This next piece is one of my all time favorites from another British Band, Pink Floyd.  Heard this song the first time in 1978 when I got this album as a Christmas Present from my brother.  Here is one of the longest and most amazing PINK FLOYD songs ever.  So Shine on...
Have to say it, no matter how many time I have listened to this song, it only gets better because of the complex layers of music and theme.  Shine on this week, like the Crazy diamonds you all are.

  A song that has been an anthem to me, more than once in my life.  This song elevates me every time I feel I have hit a wall.  Queen, with Freddie Mercury.  One of the most awesome rock groups there ever was.  We all know this one, so let's sing along... WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS

Now closing off this music special, a song for my wife.  By the Beatles.  Any guesses which song?      

So there you have my Monday's Music Moves Me a day late.  Hope you enjoy the music, both the songs you know and a few new ones by old friends.

Til next time, taa taa from the Cave.