Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday;s Music Moves Me Man and Woman

Okay so this is supposed to a be a challenge, Man or Woman in the title, this is sirmple, when you have the musical background.

Let's start with Harry Belafonte
Now let's do Helen Ready  1978

Okay little debate on this next one, it's a classic from Laurie Anderson from 1985  This was and still is a bizarre piece of music whether it be the video or song,
Last song is a main title from a childrens show of the 1990's any one remember this?  I will admit this is a stretch, it isn't really a song, it is a main title and it is corny and campy beyond belief.  Yet it fits. 
So there you have it from Harry Belefonte to He-Man, what more can I say.  Hope you enjoy this unusual music selection.


  1. Ok, Harry Belafonte had it right...we are smarter. LOL
    I still contend "Superman" does not qualify for the theme but since you insist. LOL
    I will allow He-man!

    Love it and you all around!
    ~Your Wife

  2. Oh boy, did you hit that on the head! "Unusual music selection"!!! You are definitely correct! I think the only one I heard of was by Helen Reddy. I think I'll hear that one a lot today. Cathy Kennedy hit that one already too. Harry Belafonte I might have heard that one not sure. Love the calypso stuff though. You're rockin' there my friend for sure, but Superman how can anyone listen to that song all the way through it was the same thing from beginning to end! Sheesh! I don't think that one made it to the top ten! LOL Thanks for joining us Dude!!! Have a great day!

  3. I agree love the Helen Reddy live vid ...brilliant

    Have a tanfastic week ;-)

  4. Harry Belafonte "Man Smart, Woman Smarter" excellent choice, but then you knew you would be out numbered if you didn't put such a fabulous song up, right? lol You & I are on the same page with "I Am Woman" this morning. Great minds think alike, eh? :D The rest of your song picks are definitely strange to say the least. The good news is you knew this already. Thanks for rockin' with us this week on Monday's Music Moves Me!

  5. are definitely the winner so far. These song are right on the theme but good strong songs too. I really liked you choices and the way played it up. Happy Monday!

  6. HE-Man! LOL Awesomeness! I haven't heard Laurie Anderson in FOREVER. Wow. That takes me back.

  7. Thank you for sharing and rocking with us!
    Have a musical week :)