Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do You Remember When Ghost Stories, were just that?

My wife and I love watching programs like The Dead Files and Haunted Collector.  Mainly because we find the whole subject fascinating, and we have both had experiences with Ghosts.

But do you remember when Ghost Stories were for amusement only, something told around camp fires or on Halloween to scare the kids?  Maybe we saw a movie about ghosts, or read a book on the topic; we may have even gone to haunted houses for a laugh, because in those days, 98% of the time those houses were only haunted by people putting on sheets or jumping out from closets.

But then something happened, we began to find out that Ghosts were real.  Television shows like "Crossing Over, with John Edward" came on the air and we began to see people like us, talking about unexplained events in their homes.

We began to wonder, were those stories we told, real after all, and what about when our children came to us with stories of haunting s in one form or another?  Were these real?

Now thanks to channels like SyFy and Travel we have a plethora of shows that look into the whole experience of haunting s.

For me, the show I believe the most is "The Dead Files with Amy Allen"  There is something that just makes me accept that this is true.

So here's my question for all of you who read my page.

Have you had any experiences with hunting's or ghosts?  What was your favorite ghost story as a kid?  Do you have a favorite show that you watch on the subject?

Let me know, and I may surprise you with a story or two of personal experiences as well.  But you need to get the ball rolling, so you let me know and I will share too.

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