Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Is it Aurora, Colorado or Am I Boldly Going???

Ever since I moved to Aurora, I have kept wondering... is this really Aurora, Colorado... or have I somehow been transported to a world out of STAR TREK, the classic series?

Why do I ask this?

Well here are some photos I have taken since I returned to Colorado, you tell me if these buildings don't remind you of buildings in Classic STAR TREK?

This is supposedly the Aurora Public Library, that's what the sign says, it even has books inside.  But doesn't it look like a Star Base?
Here's another photo, you tell me?

 Sure it's a Library, uh huh.
 Here's the entry path to the so called library.  Solar Collectors, or Deflector grids?
 Sure it's the court house, right?
 Still have no idea what this building is on 12th and Peoria Street.
 Now this one isn't in Aurora, this is in Denver on Broadway.  The sign says it is a bank.
 A bank for Aliens, from Cygnus Draconus five.
 These buildings in in the Denver Tech Center,  They look like Star Bases to me,

 Another Library in Aurora, uh huh,
And this is supposed to be the Municipal Building in Aurora.

Like I said, the architecture makes you wonder?

Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday, and remember... The Truth is out there...


  1. You have to admit these buildings are not the usual designs.

  2. Replies
    1. Wayne, glad you enjoyed the pictures. Every once in a while my inner geek comes out and I must let him play.