Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Sunday Cereal Call Me Java

Michael Knight was walking into the parking lot, and talking into his watch to KITT.  He was not paying attention to his surroundings, a bad habit he knew better, but his behavior was going against common sense.

"KITT, I need any information on..."

Before Michael could continue, a dark blue Ford Mustang came rushing through the parking lot and before Michael could respond, he found himself being thrown over the hood of the Mustang and onto the solid concrete of the parking lot.

"Michael, Michael... what did you wish information on???"

In a weakened tone Michael responded.

"KI...T...T...  HELP... Help, I waaaas hit by a...."

"Michael, Michael.  I am contacting the nearest hospital to dispatch an ambulance.  I am locked on and sending them your current conditions."

"K....I....T....T, hurry.  Hurry.  I feel weak."

Michael Knight passed out, just as Thomas Magnum entered the parking lot and saw him passed out.  Quickly Magnum ran over to where Michael was laying."

"Michael, Michael what happened?  Michael?"

At the same time, that Magnum was trying to raise Michael, a voice came over Michaels' watch.

"Michael, the ambulance is on the way, it should arrive in ten minutes or less."

"That's great, who is this?"

"I am sorry, who am I speaking to?"

"Listen we could go on endlessly on this, I just want to know who is assisting here?"

There was a pause then a different voice responded.

"This is Devon Miles, head of FLAG, I am assisting currently."

Magnum knew this was not the same voice, but he knew arguing would not solve anything.

"Mister Miles, this is Thomas Magnum, right now Michael is unconscious, and from what I can tell his blood pressure is low, around 70 over 50."

Just then the sound or sirens cut the air.  And then the ambulance came to a halt and the paramedics quickly brought a stretcher and emergency equipment to where Michael Knight was laying.

"Well take it from here, thanks for passing on the information."

Before Magnum could respond the Paramedics had Michael on the stretcher and in the ambulance.  Before Thomas Magnum could do anything the ambulance was on its' way to the hospital.

As Magnum was walking to his Ferrari, he saw another ambulance pull in, one of the Paramedics approached Magnum.

"Hey brudda, where's the guy who was a hit and run victim?"

Magnum did a double take then before he could respond, he ran to his Ferrari and took off.

"I realized I had no idea what I was doing, I had not paid any attention to the ambulance that had left with Michael Knight, yet I had to something."

Magnum found himself in a major traffic jam, as nearly ten ambulances sped past him.  He sat in his Ferrari, his eyes almost glazing over.

"Never had I seen so many ambulances in one day.  I had no idea if Michael Knight was on his way to the hospital or was a prisoner.  What I knew was I was over my head, I needed help, and I wouldn't be finding any until I could get out of this traffic jam."

"Suddenly I realized that Devon Miles might be able to help, now I just needed to contact him... as soon as I got out of this traffic jam that is."


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  1. Hmm...interesting.
    So, the question is,"Where did he go?"