Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturdays' Snaps What will they be? Wait and see, tee hee tee hee tee hee.

Welcome to my second edition of Saturday's Snaps.  This is still new to me, so I hope you appreciate the effort it is taking.

So this covers three days of this past week, the 29th 30th and 31st.  Let's see what I took pictures of those days.

Tuesday January 29th 2013

 Starting off at a local Mexican restaurant on Chambers and Hampden.
 This is a park area on Alameda Ave near the Aurora Central Library
 Looking down from the second floor of the Aurora Central Library, to the main floor.
 Looking down from the 2nd floor to the stair well coming from the first floor of the Aurora Central Library
 A really cook sky light but no way to go up to it and look out, at the Aurora Central Library.
 The main deck open to the public on the 2nd floor of the Aurora Central Library.
 Sunset at Albion and Exposition near Walmart.
A mystery, you tell me what you think it is???

Wednesday January 30th 2013
 Poppa Johns on East Colfax Ave and Downing Street, with they cashregister building in the distance.
 Reallu cool building on East Colfax Avenue.  Unfortunately this building is cloed down currently.
 No I did not take this picture of me and Albus Dumbledoer.  This photo was actually taken by the owner of this tobacco shop.
Click to enlarge this picture, because what is written on the blue sign is very true.

Thursday January 31st 2013 
 Cool apartment building on 16th and Downing Street.
No your eyes are not deceiving you, this tree has leaves ready to fall.
 Read the signs.

 The International Youth Hostel on 16th and Washington, where I lived for about a month this past year.
 Downtown Denver from 16th and 16th and Pear Street.
 No we did not go to Germany of the 1940's this is an apartment on 16th Street near Logan Street.
 A cool old church on 16th Street.
 A bench along the way.
 Denvers Twin Towers that were compleated one year after the famous ones in NYC.
 Sky view outside RTD Station Broadway and East Colfax Avenue.
 The Legal building on 13th and Broadway, this was finished in November of last year.


  1. Looks like a great week. I like seeing snow in pictures. Not so much live.

    1. Wayne,

      I too like snow in pictures, I much prefer it that way and like warmth in the winter.

      However for the time being have to accept the occasional inconvenience of snow on the ground during the winter.

      Thanks for coming by, glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. Okay some fabulous pictures & my guess of that one picture is the floor of a bus! Been there - done that! Anyway I had no idea we were supposed to post pictures from the entire week. Well, guess you posted for all of us.. lol Have a great night! Very cool indeed!