Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturdays' Snaps.

Didn't have that many great photos this week.  So just maybe two for you all.  Sorry I am posting so late in the day, but got up late and have been in a funky mood.  Enough said, here are a few photos from this week.

 Sunset at the apartment complex.  Wednesday February 13th First of 3

  Snowfall Our Apartment Thursday February 14th One of 4 pictures

 Shuttle pick up outside Chase Bank on 16th Street Mall February 14th Downtown Denver.
 People preparing for the Rise Up presentation at Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall, Denver February 14th.
 D&F Tower 16th Street Mall.  Denver February 14th,
 Businesses at Skyline Park, 16th Street Mall Denver February 14th
 Night photos, 16th Street Mall Hard Rock Cafe February 14th one of two pictures

 A surprise by my wonderful wife for Valentines Day.  The painting is titled Rooted in Love and was done by my wonderful wife.  Whom I love more and more each day.  One of two pictures.

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  1. Just two photos? LOL
    You know those photos #2 and #3 look like a space invasion.

    Good job hon.