Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Do You Remember

I have returned...

Today, I ask do you remember cooking with gas?

Some of you are young enough to wonder what I am referring to, because perhaps a generation and a half has grown up with only electric ranges or microwaves.

I was raised in a house where we had gas stoves and to this day, I struggle when it comes to cooking on an electric stove.  I can never quite get the settings right, and honestly I can never remember if I turned the damn thing off.

Gas ranges, stoves were common for years, until the 1980's you couldn't find a house or apartment without one.  But in the 1980's gas ranges began to be phased out.  There were many reasons for this, including the oil crisis of the late 1970's as well as safety issues, houses were blowing up or catching on fire because of gas leaks, and people were comitting suicide sometimes unintentionally because a gas burner would be blown out and the house would fill with gas and people would die in their sleep.

These were the negatives that brought down gas cooking, but with all that said, I am still one who loves gas ranges and stoves.  Sure there was some risk to them, but life is risk.

I always cooked food better on gas, and still do, you can adjust the heat by the height of the flame and rarely does chicken under cook on gas, you get food cooked perfectly every time.

And for me, I never forgot to turn off a gas range.  Unless they make artificial flames or something with electric ranges, I will probably always struggle to remember to turn off the darn things because there is nothing that reminds me,  

Oh I know the tiny lights, but I don't look at the range top, I look for flames on the burner.  Just the way I was raised.

How about you, did you grow up cooking with gas, or electric?  Any stories to share?

Come by and let me know.

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