Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poetry from the Soul of Me

My Valentine

You are my Valentine, come rain or shine.
We at times may disagree, and at times wonder what will come to be?
Yet through the storms of our daily struggles, we will come together and snuggle.
Sharing our hopes for a better tomorrow as we overcome all the struggles and occasional sorrow.
You Naila Moon are my Valentine, I hope always to see your smile and your eyes shine, with the delight that radiates day or night.

Your husband

Tamirisc M Richards.

Now some music

A new young man in music, Bruno Mars, and Just the Way You Are.

Now another version of this song, the one I grew up with from the 1970's Billy Joel's  Just the Way You are.

Happy Valentines day my love, from now to Infinity and Beyond.

1 comment:

  1. Oh honey, thank you.
    Yes, we often do not agree but as you have said many a time, if we agree all the time, it would be boring.

    I love you very much!
    ~Your Wifey