Friday, February 8, 2013

Poetry from the Soul of Me

Q's sense of reality, or it is mine???

What do I see before me?
Is it a sunrise, a smiling face, or the divine presence of divinity?

Does my mind really understand the images before it?
Or are these things so beyond my ilk that I put in things that make sense and  not view what is there, or do all I can to forget.

Is the world really what we think it is, people, animals buidings and trees?
Or is it so beyond our minds perceptions that we would go insane by its' true appearance, be dirven to our knees.

No I am not like Renee Decarre, I do not believe the world is images that fade away when we go to sleep.
I feel the couch I am sitting upon, taste the soup my wife makes for us, smell the scent of flowers.

This world is no illusion, and it is what I know it to be.
For if this would be untrue, then with the snap of my fingers, all could change around me, and that does not happen.

So I am happy that all is as it should be, I will drive off now in my Ferrari with Christi Lee and take the yacht out on the sea.  Oh wait that is just a dream, not reality.

Then again what is reality?

Is any of this real or a dream?


Taniris M Richards February 5th 2013  9:04 A,M.

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