Sunday, February 17, 2013

Monday's Music Moves Me. My life in Music

Welcome Mondays' Music is once again here, and I found out that I am the Spotlight Dancer.  How this happened I do not know, since I am no dancer.

I have decided that the theme for this journey in music is the Music that tells a story of my life.  This can be a single all encompassing piece of music, or you can cut together several pieces, each that are about part of who you are and how you discovered music.

Don't stress out, have fun with this and mix and match and see what comes from the journey.

What follows is my own story using music, it is a little long, but I hope you check it out and enjoy my journey, as I will yours as well.

Welcome to Tamirisc Trek One, the beginning.  What follows is a musical journey through my life.  This is a combination of the music that has been part of me, whether it be Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock Country or New Age.  

So be free this week have fun and see what comes your way.

To start off, we go to the roots of my musical heritage.  I grew up in a house filled with all kinds of Music, and one of the first pieces I remember hearing was Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.  I also remember watching the Boston Pops summer concerts on PBS as a kid, when Arthur Fiedler lead the orchestra.  This is Arturo Toscanni leading the NBC Symphony Orchestra.  To sit back and relax to Beethoven as we begin.

Perhaps one of the most diverse composers of all classical music and someone I came to appreciate more as I got older was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  Here is his Eine Kline Naucht Muzik or in English A Little Night Music.

Next up, as I said I was surrounded by music, so I heard Rock and Roll almost as often as I did Classical.  One of the first Rock Bands I heard was The Beatles, and one of the first songs I remember of their music was "Here comes the Sun"  I remember when I was 16, which was during the Bi-centennial, I stayed up all night to watch the 4th of July celebration on the Tomorrow Show, they used this piece to welcome the sunrise on that July 4th.

At the same time I was discovering Folk Music.  There were many singers that I followed back then, here's a sampling of a few,

Let's start with Harry Belafonte and the Banana boat song with some special hep.  With this kind of help you don't need disasters.

Next was a group known as the Kingston Trio and a favorite song of theres was The Tijuana Jail, this was from the broadcast from the Jack Benny Show,  Classic comedy and music.  

The last Folk group for a long time was Peter Paul and Mary, this is perhaps their best known song, and I don't mean blowing in the wind.  Try Puff the Magic Dragon.

About this time, both rock and pop were coming back into my life, and one of the people who had a huge impact was Jackson Brown.  This was one of those songs that just got under my skin and I still love it all these years later.  Just keep "Running On"

Another singer who I was beginning to appreciate was  Jim Croce, his music was so diverse that you could not nail him to a single catagory.  One of my favorites was  "You don't mess around with Jim."

About 1975 I was exposed to a young pop singer whose music touched my soul, he is still around, but one song that will always be special to me is "I write the Songs" because this reminds me to this day of my dad, who was a musician.  My dad died in late 1974 and this song just captured him so well.

After my father passed in 1974, my life was forever changed.  My music trek continued to many new worlds of music, and I could try and put those here as well, however I think that would be the longest post in the History of Mondays' Music.  So  this is where this part of the journey ends.  

When I have a free-bee  I will continue the journey with a little bit of country, more rock and roll, new age and folk and some surprises for sure.  

Til then, this is Tamirisc signing off and saying, never forget who you were, because that helps you become who you are meant to be.


  1. Well, personally that was quite a journey and I may have even aged a few years :) Only thing is today is a Freebie day, so this is what you've chosen, as far as your suggestion for a theme I guess you can continue then. You've had quite a life's journey from what I see here! Very interesting I'd say!

  2. I have always been amazed that you could put your life into song. This will be an interesting theme next week. Hmmm....
    Anyway, terrific picks. I of course love Barry M.

    Love you,
    Your Wife

  3. What a fab selection Here Comes The Sun is my all time favourite Beatles track :-)

    Have a musictastic week and congrats on Spotlight Dancer :-)

  4. You selections were fabulous for today! I do love your music from our more recent pass, but your classical selections really made my day. How much I love Beethoven, but Mozart's Eine Kline Naucht Muzik is so beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day, and congrats for being the Spotlight Dancer!

  5. What a lovely musical journey. I so enjoyed the classical and loved the Beatles and Peter ,Paul and Mary.

  6. Goodness me I've been looking around for your link since yesterday. I'm blind as a bat but glad I finally found you :) I love Beethoven, Manilow and Mozart too. Love your selection. Congratulations on the spotlight dance!

  7. First up, congrats on being in the lime-light...spotlight this week. WOW, you sure did spread some musical love with these songs picks across part of your life span. There is really quite the diversity of songs here and I can relate to it in many ways. I love all kinds of music, too. From country gospel to classical and a whole lot of in-between sounds. It'll be great fun to see the other musical joys of your life you will share with us on our next freebie Monday's Music Moves Me!

  8. Now that is quite a story! I just love musical stories!

    Thanks for dishing :)


  9. congrats on being spotlight dancer and well thanks you i will be singing Day 'O and puff all day now