Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Sunday Cereal. Call me Java

Leroy Gibbs and Ziva David drove from the airport on Kauai to the location of the parking lot of Fantasy Art.  He opened the door and got out and waited for Ziva.

As she emerged from the passenger compartment on her side of the 2010 Focus, Gibbs looked at the small place, he remembered when this had been a restaurant called the Beef and Pasta.  He wondered how much it had changed since he had last been here.

Gibbs and Ziva walked into Fantasy Art and realized that if he hadn't been here in 1979 he would not have known it was the same place.  A large man with glasses emerged from the back of the gallery and approached Gibbs and Ziva, he smiled and in a soft melodic tone spoke.

"May I help you sir, madam?"

Gibbs was actually distracted by several of the paintings and did not hear the man, it was Ziva who spoke up.

"Yes, I am Special Agent Ziva David, this is Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, we are with N.C.I.S.  We were told to check with you concerning..."

The man glared at Ziva his tone went from a soft and friendly tone to one of cold bitterness and disdain.

"Let me guess, that witch Ree Anderson!  She should keep her nose out of others business!  I ..."

Now it was Gibbs who broke in, his tone was still even and calm, but there was a slight edge to it as he spoke.


"Nakajima, Harold Nakajima.  And I have no interest..."

"Mister Nakajima.  I don't think you heard my associate clearly, we are Special Agents with the Naval Criminal..."

"Investigative Service... Yes, yes yes I know all about N.C.I.S.  I have no time to help you in one of your contrived investigations in why a Hawaiian Fishing Boat was in the area where one of your special operations or what ever the excuse of the week is.  As far as I am concerned all you Navy types can go back to where you come from!"

Now it was Ziva again who spoke, again her tone remained calm.  

"Mister Nakajima I apologize, I do not know why you have issues with N.C.I.S., or the Navy for that matter... We are here..."

Gibbs had been looking around the gallery and came back and stopped and looked at Mister Nakajima.  Gibbs looked at this man and in a cool detached tone spoke.

"Let's go Ziva, Mister Nakajima has no interest in helping us, or anyone else.  He could care less if Harmon Rabb Jr. is missing, so we will leave."

"Wait, did you say Harmon Rabb Jr?"

Gibbs smiled just slightly, he had seen the photo of Rabb in his flight gear off to the far left corner of the gallery.

"Yes.  I am sure that means nothing to you though.  Come on Ziva."

"Alright Mister Gibbs, I know you saw the photo of Harm.  I knew him when we were both in the Navy.  It was tragic him having to give up his flying because of his night blindness.  I hear he ended up as a good Lawyer.  You say he has gone missing?"

Gibbs nodded his head.

"About two weeks ago.  We're trying to find out where he is, and if his departure was his decision or if he had been abducted."

Harold Nakajima exhaled and walked over toward the register.

"He stopped in two weeks ago, seemed pensive, as if he was needing to find some place to go, to be away and think something over.  He left a few things.  Said I was to hold onto them unless certain people came looking for him.  One was a Bud Roberts, the other didn't have a name, just said if Ree Anderson sent someone I was to give the items to them."

He removed two items from a safe that was in the wall near the cash register.  He stood holding them and looking at Gibbs.  Slowly he walked over to Gibbs and handed him the items.

"Since I read of Budd Roberts passing just a few days ago, I think that you are the person he meant.  I apologize Special Agent Gibbs. I just have had issues with the Navy since I opened this place, and actually since I left the Navy fifteen years ago."

Gibbs held the items in his hands and looked at Nakajima.

"I understand, you left on rough terms, and Harm was one of the few people who treated you with any respect.  Yes, I checked on who you are Mister Nakajima, and I apologize for the way you have been treated.  I thank you and I hope things improve for you."

"I should be surprised, but I am not.  Thank you Special Agent Gibbs.  My best to you in finding Harm.  You will excuse me, it looks as if I have some customers."

As Harold Nakajima walked to the couple who had just entered Gibbs directed Ziva to the door and outside.  He remained silent as they approached the car and until the got back into the Focus.

Ziva finally spoke, now she was surprised by the chain of events that had just unfolded.

"What happened, what was all that about?"

"Ziva, you need to know my rules better by now.  Rule number Nineteen:  Never go into a situation without finding out everything about the players involved."

Ziva looked at Gibbs, but said nothing.  She respected him and in some ways he reminded him of her father in some ways.  In some ways, Gibbs was more a father than her own ever would be.

 "Mister Nakajima, was let go from the Navy because of what turned out to be trumped up charges.  Left a very bitter taste in his mouth."

"Would he try and kill someone for revenge?"

"Hard to tell.  Let's check those packages before we do anything."

Gibbs pulled over and began to check one of the packages.  Ziva threw one of the packages out the window just as it exploded.

"I think we need to go back and talk with Mr. Nakajima."

Gibbs opened the door and walked back to the Gallery as Ziva followed.

"Good catch on your part Special Agent David."

"It was ticking loudly."

They walked toward the Gallery when shots were heard from within they ran in guns drawn.


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