Sunday, February 10, 2013

Monday's Music Moves me to Valentines Day Early

As everyone knows, this Thursday is National Billy Joel Celebration day!  This means there will be lots' of "Honesty" Cards, and "River of Dreams" Cakes, with of course Boxes of "She's got a way about her" Candies.  Most importantly we will be looking into "Rosalinda's Eyes" as we're "Half a Mile Away" from "52nd Street" to meet up with a "Stranger" who is "Always a Woman to Me."

No I will not be playing all of those today.  What... Thursday isn't National Billy Joel Celebration Day?

Are you sure?

Oh, that's right... Thursday is Valentines Day.  Well I am going to give you some wonderful music for Valentines Day, without love in the title and it may not even be in the words; however it will be expressed in the song itself.

So starting this off is a song by... Guess who?  No go ahead and guess?

Yep  Billy Joel, that expresses what we really need in a relationship, it's all about HONESTY.  This comes from his hit album "52nd Street" which came out October 13th 1978.  

Here it's about the most evasive aspect of a long loving relationship, as he sings... "If I only had the words to tell you."  

This is from one of his first albums, the song itself was not a hit but for many it was one of his most expressive songs at that time and even today.  It came from "Piano Man" which was released on November 9th, 1973.  Of course the big song from the album was the title track "Piano Man."

Now we come to one of the most romantic ballads Billy Joel ever sang, it was from his first album "Cold Spring Harbor" which came out on November 1st. 1971.  

If you have the original album, you have a collectors piece because it was reedited in 1983 and according to Joel, he still dislikes the reedited version.  Maybe one day the album will be re-cut the way it should have been all along.

We go back to "52nd Street again, this time it is one of the most romantic Ballads Joel did.  A song about tying the knot and so much more... and again it is about how love knows no boundaries whether it be race creed religion or profession.

In this case, it is race as Billy Joel expresses the love for a young woman who is Latina in "Rosalinda's Eyes."

Now it comes almost full circle, because the last song, at least by Mr. Joel is "It's All about Soul"  Which approapriately came off of Billy Joels' next to last album, which was "River of Dream" which came out August 10th, 1993.

I am closing this off, with a song not by Billy Joel.  This song ties in though with the original theme of not being tied to Love being in the title, although it does appear in the words.

The song was originally made famous by a duet of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.  This version was recorded by the Bee Gees 

The Bee Gee's wrote the song originally, but did not record it until 2001.

So there you have it.  My tribute to National Billy Joel Celebration Day... Sorry, sorry.  I mean Valentines Day.  Hope you enjoyed this unusual mix of music.

I know, I know it was predominantly Billy Joel, however I hope you still enjoyed it, and hopefully this will inspire you to do something special for Valentines Day.  Like play all of your favorite Billy Joel songs.

Have a fantastic Valentines Day this Thursday.

Til next Monday, this is Tamirisc M Richards signing off.


  1. Oh, gosh, I am going to have that BeeGees song stuck in my head now. Ugh! Love listening to Billy Joel, but honestly, I don't think Honesty is very romantic. Yes, it is needed in a relationship, though.

  2. I love Billy Joel. I must have listened to Stranger at least ten thousand times when it first came out.

    LOL..I did Islands In The Stream too but by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. It was the version that was popular when my husband and I first met!

    Great choices and I hope you have a great week! :-)

  3. I picked a Billy Joel song today too! Nice.

  4. hhmmm....puts me in a New York State of mind :)

    Bee Gees .. how about "One"?? love that song; romantic and I can dance to it.

  5. HA! I love it! I'm going to start calling February 14th National Billy Joel Appreciation Day. ;) LOVE all your choices! :)

    Gimmie That Girl, my Honey Bee, She’s Everything – Bless The Broken Road because these Little Moments Felt Good On My Lips

  6. Just love your love song choices without the mention of "love" in the title for today's theme. My fave pick of your line up today has to be She's Got A Way About Her. But, you know I did not know the Bee Gees wrote Island in the Stream. The Gibbs brothers do okay on it, but I prefer Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton's duo best.

    Thanks for joining us on the virtual dance floor at Monday's Music Moves Me! Happy V'Day to you & your significant other!

  7. Is it his birthday or something? I love, love, love Billy Joel, wonderful choices thanks!

    1. Not that I know. I just love his music, and this was a perfect excuse to post his music. Although I think there should be a national holiday dedicated to his music.

      Hope you have a great week.

  8. Good job my friend! Billy Joel is definitely one of the greats! BeeGees ... I didn't know that! Wow, learn something new every day! Thanks for sharing, and I just think you're a romantic at heart! :) Have a great day & thanks for joining us - hope to see you next week too! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

  9. National Billy Joel Day...hmmm....well, ok if you say so. LOL

    I know you are big fan but geeze....
    This made me laugh actually.

  10. too funny - I actually expected to see more Billy Joel in the hop but I think you've got everyone covered

  11. Ahh very good hits from Billy and BeeGees!

    Thanks for sharing
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  12. flashback for sure loved all these