Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Every year, I do something to remind others that on this day, nearly 70 years ago, this nation was taken by surprise and plunged into a war we had done everything to avoid for two years.

The music, is very upbeat and symbolic of the attitude of this nation.  Due to the time delay, four hours earlier in Hawaii, to mountain states, three on the west coast, five in central and six east coast most of the nation was unaware until late in the day.

This is my tribute this year.

Let us never forget the men who died at Pearl Harbour, and especially the valiant crew of the U.S.S. Arizona, still entombed in the ship.

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  1. One of the saddest days in American history to date...Do love your video tho... you can find my tribute at:


    Stop by if you get a chance.. PS: it will pull at your heart strings...