Monday, February 14, 2011

How things have changed.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to watch the old "The Streets of San Francisco" and "Hawaii Five O" on a local channel (channel 3) and what is intresting in watching these old series, both were filmed onlocation in San Francisco and Hawaii on location.

Unlike most series today, which are filmed in back lots in Hollywood or Canada, serlies like "...Five O" and "Streets of..." were filmed entirely on location.  This added a sense of reality and gave the viewer a feeling of actually being on location.  In the case of "... San Francisco"seeing cable cars, or the mission district,or even fishermans warf as a setting with your main characters diving or walking through the area added to the story.

Rarely anymore is a television series filmed on location, simply because it is more expensive to set up a production facility in Denver, San Francisco, or Kauai, and far easier to use the back lots of the studios.

Here is an example of what was, and what will more than likely not be again.

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