Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Images that remain ,
forever in my brain.
People who were special to me,
some whom forever shall be.
Places that I journeyed to,
some were familiar like an old book,
others were strange and exciting, for they were unexplored and new,
Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai all islands that were new to me.
San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Raiders, 49ers, Astros' and Disney,
these were places, teams and a magical kingdom that once I did see.
Colorado, Denver, Manitou Springs Broncos, Rockies, Christmas and New Years celebrations,
Pikes Peak Loveland Pass ashes and train rides both natural and man made creations.
Missouri, Saint Louis, Festus, Flat River and Branson,
The arch, a new family beginnings under a new sun.
A father who encouraged me to be creative and explore beyond limitations,
a mother who was conflicted and divided between love and bitterness.
a brother whom I only now can understand and appreciate,
a wife whom has helped me discover my ability with new creations.
a new family all supportive and helpful towards me.
These are the reflections.

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  1. Beautiful reflections and a feeling of satisfaction.
    ~Naila Moon