Monday, July 25, 2011

A review Jesus Christ Superstar

Last night, July 25th, my wife and I watched the dvd of Andrew Lloyd Webber's JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR.  This has been a favorite for years for many of us, we all have a favorite song or scene.  However the original movie had always been a bit strange in how it was executed, and in some ways it was hard to enjoy the original film from 1973 because of how it had been edited, scenes did not flow as smoothly from one to next, and some of the acting was almost comedic.

This new version produced in 2000, was the play on film, the scenes flowed smoothly from one and other and were seamless  The acting was stunning and captivating.  Scenes such as Pilate and Christ were stunning because you could see the tension and struggle that was going on deep inside both men..  There was depth of characters, whether it be the deep concealed love that Judas had for Jesus or the dispite felt by Herod. 

I could go on endlessly with words, instead here are some video captures from both the original 1973 and 2000 version.  Enjoy



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  1. I do like the 2000 version better. As you said, the depth of characters was amazing. Well done review!
    ~Naila Moon