Monday, June 17, 2013

Mondays' Music Moves Me a long time ago, third star on the left and its' bigger on the inside.

Captains' Log, apparently the Enterprise has been sent back in time to a most special day, some ones' birthday, someone known as XMAS DOLLY.  These are special messages from across the stars for her special day.

Spock, explain what happened?  Uncertain captain, am trying again.

Spock, were' still transmitting the wrong message.

Spock, !  Sorry captain, this is the closest I can find.

Spock, will you find that message!  I believe I have Captain.

Bless you Spock, you found it.

Happy Birthday from some very unique people.  May you continue to Live Long and Prosper. Or what ever.

What do you mean she doesn't get Sci Fi????



  1. LOL-You are so goofy! I hope she likes this special way to honor her birthday!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! I bet Marie will love the special SciFi tribute to her, too. ;) Thanks for the giggle this morning! :)

    Rocket Man is A Space Odyssey and fought in Star Wars right through The Hunger Games because he’s a Space Cowboy

  3. Awwwww blushing moment here!!! hehehe Thanks for joining us first of all, and second of all this is excellent. Thank you so much! The best birthday songs ever! Sorry I'm so late. I'm so glad i didn't miss this one especially! HA THIS IS JUST TO GREAT & WHAT A FABULOUS SURPRISE! THANK YOU MUCH! bwahahahahahaha "This is not a Klingon song" bwahahahahaha I shouldn't be surprised this coming from you - the biggest trekky I know besides Naila - lmao See you next week when our theme shall be a freebie! Thank you so much - that meant a lot to me! HUGSSSSSS

  4. That was really funny!
    I'm terminated :D

    Thanks for rocking with us!