Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mondays' Music Moves Me. Some of my favorites

This has always been a favorite song of mine, and I just found this version, it s different but has the spirit of the original song made famous by Kenny Rogers.

This next piece of music, was the introduction to one of my favorite television shows, which thanks to Me-TV I have had the pleasure of finding all over again as an adult.  The theme was from Family Affair, with Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot.
This song are artist are new to me, but he is becoming a favorite.  Bruno Mars and Just the way you are.
Closing off with one of my favorite songs and groups for a long time
So there you have it, four of my favorite pieces of music, very diverse just like me,  Hope you all enjoyed.  Til next time


  1. Some good picks. I hadn't heard this version of "Coward of the County"
    and I grew up watching Jody and Buffy. Thanks for sharing all these. Happy Monday!

  2. Talk about different genres of music - you have it all here. From Bruno Mars to the theme song of that old tv show "Family Affair" to
    "Nights in White Satin". Loved them all, thanks. Hope you have a fabulous week.

  3. Good pickins' there dude! I used to watch Family Affair and nobody can beat Kenny Rodgers version... sorry! hehe Bruno Mars is definitely my favorite! Love Love Nights in White Satin! Great choices my friend! YOU ROCK!

  4. These were great picks for today, but I really think I like the one of you dancing best. Ooops, that one wasn't here - it was on the wifey's blog.

    Marvelous Music Monday - Heat Wave

  5. Ahh yes I love Coward of the county. Kenny Rogers was just such a voice!

    I enjoy all these selections!
    Thanks for rocking!

  6. Family Affair was a favorite show of mine, as a kid. I haven't listened to Nights in White Satin in a looong time - great choice! But, I do like Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are a lot, too! So, nice to have you on the dance floor!