Thursday, November 18, 2010

On getting over a cold.

Sometimes the worst part of getting over a cold, is after the fever has broken and you are starting the process of getting back to normal.

For me, I did the normal things, slept a lot, drank lots of liquids, and watched TV (Hawaii Five O ) any one?

So after a day of mainly resting and watching TV, and the movie  Christmas Vacation, , I was laying in bed relaxing and talking to our stuffed dog Perry, the Patriotic Pup.  Perry is one of those pillow pets. I was sitting here under the covers, just shooting the breeze with him.

Nothing unusual, talking about how my wife thinks I am a bit odd, because I was talking to Perry, and telling Perry that I think my wife is awesome, but silly at times.

So my wife takes Perry from me, and what does she do?  She uses him as a desk to put her computer on.  Now, I mean here he was happy and content, doing his Perry dance and what does my wife do?  Use him as a desk.  

Am I being silly, well yes, yes I am, but this is what happens when you sleep more than you are used to, watch Hawaii Five O in the middle of the week and then top off the evening with Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation.


  1. Loved the post and when I saw your cat widget ( I have one too), I knew I had to be your newest follower.


  2. I read your music post and had to come back and comment. Your YouTube posts looks like the play list on my iPod! I have everything from Classical to Country to Gospel. One of my, and Hubby's, favorites is K.D. Lang and i took him to her concert a couple of years ago. Loved that the video shows her bare feet, I found that very unique in an artist!

  3. I love Colorado Springs. We spent weeks there every summer when I was a kid. It really is magical and somewhere there is possibly a '57 Buick with a trunk filled with various sizes of Indian mocassins. My dad would say to us, "You already have two pairs." "Yeah, but not like THIS pair."

  4. We love our pillow pets..our real pets are jealous of them..
    I am a new visitor and follower from Over 40!

  5. Hi,
    Found you blog hopping, loved your cat widget, glad to hear you haven't suffered too much with 'man flu' x