Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow me Friday

As you may have noticed I changed my banner a few days ago.  Now you all know that usually I use photos of famous people to represent creative minds; in the past I have used every one from John F Kennedy to Johnny Carson.

This time I did something different, I used photos of family and friends.  In the banner are two of the most creative people I have known, my late father and my former neighbor Stormie; along with the most creative person in the universe.. Me.

So starting today, I will be profiling family and friends who I feel are very creative. To begin, I will start with my father.

My father was born in this house in 1917, it had been built by his great grand father; who had come to Colorado after the Civil War.

My dad as Child.

Yes that's my dad, barefoot and outdoors after a rain storm.

My dad as a teenager

My dad after graduating from Manual Labor Training High School, ready to make his mark in the world.

My dad in January 1942, as a member of the 515th Army Air Corps Band, Lowery Field, Denver Colorado.

My Dad in Italy,1945
                                              My dad with his Jazz trio, at the Top of the Mark in Denver post War.
My dad enjoying one of his favorite hobbies, fishing.

My dad as instrumental music teacher, Gove Middle School, Denver late 1960's

My dad and I, Thanksgiving 1965.

My dad was very creative, he was a musician, an arranger and composer.  He  told wonderful stories and taught me how to build scale models.   He inspired me to become a creative and loving person.  This blog is dedicated to my father, my dad.  Ralph Richards, whom died May 24th 1974. You will never be forgotten dad.

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  1. Wonderful tribute!
    Stopping by from over 40 to say hello and follow.
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