Friday, May 13, 2011

A Slight Departure... I remember...

Today's post is different, usually each Friday I post a person who represents a creative aspect in my life; whether they be a friend, family member or personality.

Today, I am departing in part, because although this person was not a great thinker, they are a person I will never forget. 

When I was a junior in High School, I had the opportunity to meet Muhammad Ali This was in 1978 and I remember this to this day,  Muhammad Ali was at Manual High School to give a pep rally, and I had seen him standing at a doorway of one of the classrooms before the rally.  I stopped in amazement, for here before me was a man I had seen on television both as a boxer and from interviews by the legendary Howard Cosell.

What struck most was two things.  One that Muhammad Ali was so tall, he had to be at least eight feet tall, or so he appeared to me, a kid who was only five feet four inches tall, and still am,  The other thing I remember was how much he was a big teddy bare, he would make jokes and throw fake punches and let you get in a few then say "Oh you got me, I am going down."

He was a remarkable man, and someone I will always remember.

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