Friday, August 5, 2011

A Review... Mamma Mia

Last evening, August 4th, my wife and I watched a movie that was to say the least surprising.  The film was "Mamma Mia" a musical that came out in 2008, if you don't remember the film, there is a reason... it came out against  "The Dark Knight."

However, this film was well worth the wait.  For not only did it use the music of Abba, to express the emotions, and carry forth the story line; it also had Pierce Brosnan, James Bond, singing.  Yes, Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep both sang in this dynamic film.

For those who have never seen "Mamma Mia" it is the story of a young woman, Sophie(Amanda Seyfried) who is about to be married, the only thing she wants is to know who her father is.  She has read her mother's diary and found that there were three possibilities, Bill (Stellan Skarghad) Sam (Pierce Brosnan) or Harry (Colin Firth).

In hope that she will at long last know her father and have him walk her down the aisle on her wedding day, she invites all three to the small Greek island she has grown up on.

The movie plays out as her mother, Donna (Meryl Streep) finds all three of her former lovers on the island.  There is a wonderful play of angst, protectiveness and realization by all three men as to why they are really on the island, and as Donna confronts her past and discovers things she has kept locked away.

The music is of course wonderful, and Meryl Streep does a remarkable job singing, Pierce Brosnan, well he is no Billy Joel, if anything his voice is more raspy in the tone of Rod Stewart.

The acting, especially between Streep, Brosnan and Seyfried aka Donna, Sam and Sophie is amazing.  There is a scene near the end where Streep sings "The Winner Takes it all"  and Brosnan stands being torn apart, his expressions are sincere, as if he and Streep were not acting, but truely expressing conflicted emotions.  The sign of how good he can be, and how deep his skill is.

If you haven't seen this move, do!  You can rent it at local movie stores, Red Box or the public library.  It is a wonderful film with great music and a heart rending story.

Oh, does Sophie find out which was her father, and does he and her mother get together and live happily ever after???  You will have to rent the movie to find out.

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  1. Fantastic movie! I loved the scene from this video above. Quite surprising indeed!
    Love you,
    ~Naila Moon