Friday, August 12, 2011

A Review... The World at War

Recently I have been watching "The World at War", for those not familiar with the program it was a documentary that aired in 1974 and was narrated by sir Lawrence Oliver.

The World at War, looked at what lead to World War Two, and the war itself.  What made it different though was it had interviews not just with participants of a battle, like Pearl Harbor or the Bulge, but also civilians caught up in the event, and when possible political members.

You got perspectives that are not always brought to light in a documentary much less a history book.  The World at War, also incorporated music, and clips from films to show how the society of PreWar America was at odds with the rest of the world.

But for me, it is the interviews that have the most impact, the fact that people like Adolf Galland, one of Germany's top aces, or a survivor of the death camps was interviewed, those moments are irreplaceable, because many of the people interviewed in 1974, are long since gone, all they could tell is lost... except for the interviews done on this show.

I was 14 years old when "The World at War" first aired, I watched it religiously on Saturday nights, and today, I still watch it in amazement as I see events recaptured with what was rare and in many cases unseen footage... and the striking interviews,  If you have the opportunity, check out the DVDs from a local library, or purchase them.  They are well worth the time to view.  You will never look at World War Two the same, after seeing it through the images in "The World at War."

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