Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Hobby

Recently my wife introduced me to a new web page called "Pinterest".

Pinterest is a page where you can find all kinds of amazing images, you can find photos of heroes, quirky quotes and unique things, just to mention a few.

In the short time I have been on this page, I have found photos of Manitou Springs, Colorado, A publicity photo promoting the original STAR TREK for T.V. Guide, and numerous photos in black and white from the 1920's up til the early 1960's.

The sight can be tremendously fun and enjoyable, because you never know what you may find, an im age from your childhood that you had almost forgotten, of a video of a song that was special.

Pinterest is amazing and addictive, but it is fun and a great way of being able to say, do you remember when?

Vincent J. Stoker
First image from Pinterest.  You have to admit this is unique?


  1. Oh no, another friend of mine has been sucked into Pinterest.

    1. Morgan, you know me. I get into these things and become addicted to them. Until the next squirrel comes along