Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Wonderful Feeling

Sometimes you can get a wonderful feeling, by doing something that you enjoy, for someone else.  Currently I am working on a model of the MILLENNIUM FALCON, from the STAR WARS trilogy.  This was always my favorite ship in all of the films, and I had always wanted to build this model, since it came out in 1979.

Recently a good friend of mine loaned me his kit, he bought it 20 years ago, and has never had the time to get around to building it.

So he asked me to build it for him, he has seen my work, and loves how my models look, especially how I make every effort to have the model a bit weather beaten, so it doesn't look factory fresh.  With the Falcon this is something you see in all three of the movies.  It has scarring from where it has been hit by laser fire and it looks like it has been patched several times, because of the different shades of gray and white plating.

So I will be posting my own photos as I have a chance, here are a few of the ship, from Google.  As always, enjoy your model building and have a great week.

Great picture as a painting guide for the model.


  1. Come on Tamirisc, you only posted these so that you would have a working reference for painting this model. Yes, you are THAT transparent. lol
    ~Your wife.