Thursday, March 1, 2012

Building the Millennium Falcon

As I mentioned before, I am having the chance to finally build a model of the Millennium Falcon, my favorite star ship in all science fiction, yes I love the Falcon even more than the Enterprise.

Here are some photos I have taken on the model so far.  The most challenging thing so far is getting the color scheme perfect.  The Falcon was thre shades of gray plus off white.

Here are some of the nearly 100 photos I have taken so far.

Upper deck, forward pods beginning of assembly and painting.
Forward deck showing where the escape pods and forward lifters will go.  You can see one of the pod assemblies cemented on the right hand side.  Early work on the multi color paint scheme.
Upper deck, forward pod left side
Close up of the forward pod assembly.
Mid ship lifter
upper deck pre painting
Full shot of the upper deck assembly, hardly any painting done at this time,
Close up aft lifter near entry to the falcon.  Some painting has been done here.
Rear lifters and upper turret test fit, you can see some indication of the Falcon having some battle scoring here.
Close up aft lifters and where the turret will fit.
Aft lifters, Turret assembly, test fit with clear plastic transparency.
Test Fit of turret assembly with gun mount. The guns can rotate nearly 360 degrees.
Side shot showing turret assembly

Full shot showing the turret assembly and paint scheme.
Side shot, showing full upper deck assembly with turret test fitted.
Lower Deck assembly showing paint scheme and a certain Wookie.
Lower deck pods

Lower deck early phase painting
Next time Part two.


  1. That's my geek man!
    Love you,
    Your Wife

    1. OH MAN THIS IS LOOKING SO GOOD! It looks like something from ILM! OMG, I am going to have to buy a glass case to display it in. :-)