Friday, March 30, 2012

A movie that will have you thinking.

I just got through seeing "The Hunger Games", and I was impressed by this film.  Let me state for the record, I had not heard of these books, so I knew nothing about the premise... and honestly, I had no interest in seeing the movie even after several people had explained the concept to me.

To me, the movie sounded like one more long winded film that was going to just be a lecture on the mistakes of the human race.  For me, movies that come across heavy handed, or sound like they will be, never capture my interest and if they do, the impact is short lived.

When I started viewing the movie, I had to struggle to stay awake because the movie was slow at the beginning; however it did remind me of another popular legend, in that at the beginning when Karisst Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is in the forest hunting for deer with a long bow, and is interrupted by a young man who is he main love, a man she is separated from

Katriss is introduced to a person who will be tied to her, when she is in the streets of her district, a young man Peera Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) throws a loaf of bread to her,  by this act this young man becomes very important as the story unfolds.For it is these two who become the main focus and their struggle to survive the games.

Katriss volunteers to protect her sister, who is too young and has no skills to survive the games, which are a battle to the death.  24 people are selected, 12 male 12 female from the 12 districts left from a rebellion that failed.  The competitors battle for food, as a way of appeasing the government for their rebellion 74 years before.

The games a brutal, and televised live,   Imagine the Roman Colosseum broadcast live?  This is even more evil, for the games take place in what is very much a holodeck environment, where everything can be changed by merely touching a display, want a fire storm, boom it;s there.

The film is fast paced and has several interesting twists along the way.  As I said this movie leaves you asking many questions, and most importantly, it leaves you hungry for more.

You will enjoy this film and it is well worth the price.  100 Stars.

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  1. Sounds intriquing! Thanks for the post! Your a very good writer!

    Sounds barbaric - if you don't maind me asking: what did it leave you hungry for? And, what were some of your questions?