Sunday, July 21, 2013


What else be said, it is 1982 and ZZ TOP is all over the charts and on M-TV and VH-1
Give me all your loving
Remember the first time you saw this video?
And now something completely different.
A powerful song from one of the most powerful women singers that came out of the 1980's.
Wrapping it up a song for my wife, no matter how hard things may be at times We belong.

Note on this last video.  We Belong came from the Tropico album, which came out in 1986, the album was a departure for Benarar from her rough gritty music, it was her attempt to show she could do a wider range of music which she continued to do.  However many of her fair weather fans abandoned her because of this album, they could not accept she could do anything but hard htting music.  She did some  of her best after Tropico including WIDE AWAKE IN DREAMLAND, whose main title was one of the most amazing songs ever, TRUE LOVE a Jazz R and B album that showed the range of Ms. Benatar's Talent and GRAVITY'S RAINBOW, an album that was the best of all worlds.

If you haven't checked our her music from 1988 forward do.  You will be impressed and surprised.

Til next Monday.


  1. Nice selections hon. I do like ZZ Top. Thanks for the tribute too. We are a crazy couple but yes, we belong. I love you.

  2. Ahh oldies but goodies.
    Thank you for sharing!