Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy, Filling and Fun

Welcome to a new page I am creating.  This is something I hope to share once a week.

The title of my new page is Healthy, Filling and Fun.  These are home made creations from my kitchen that are Heart Healthy, Fill up the tummy and are Fun to make and eat.  

These will be quick easy Breakfasts, that can be eaten around the clock, wonderous Salads and Simple dinners.

So sit back and be ready to enjoy food that is Healthy,Filling and Fun...

A great breakfast for anytime of the day.

This first one is a breakfast sandwich that I call the 11th Avenue Surprise.  The name comes from when I lived at the 11th Avenue Hotel and Hostel a year ago, because people would share what they had in the fridge and so some very creative things would be created,

You start with 2 slices of 12 Grain Bread, toasted to just a nice crunch texture.

Use Egg Beaters or a similar product egg whites, if Cholesterol is not an issue you can use real eggs, but the egg beaters work just as well.  Cook them in Heart Healthy margarine by Country Crock                  

In a separate frying pan cook up about 8 sliced mushrooms in the same margarine.  Cook until lightly gold in color and not tough.

Next add 2% cheese to the egg beaters and let melt.

Add egg beaters to toast add mushrooms then Tuscan Turkey breasts by   Hillshire Farms

Place on plate on the side add a dollop of low fat cottage cheese and low fat french dressing drizzled on top of the low fat cottage cheese.  

A breakfast that  will fill you up and keep you going til mid day, if not longer.

Egg beaters 2% cheese and Mushrooms on top of 12 Grain Bread  Tuscan Turkey being raised to show the other layers.

Tuscan Turkey on top of the egg beaters 2% cheese and mushrooms, you can see some of the heavenly 12 grain bread.

Last 2, first one shows complete Sandwich with plain fat free cottage cheese.  Last one the Cottage Cheese with the fat free French Dressing having been drizzled on top.

Next week, Well you will have to wait and see.       

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