Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Did you hear the one about the Pope and the Martian?

Yesterday, Wednesday May 13th, I was watching The Weather Channel, to see if a freeze warning would be ending.  Yes, we had a freeze warning in effect for Denver, until 8:OO A.M. yesterday morning.

So I was watching "Wake Up with Al", a weather and entertainment program on The Weather Channel when Al Roker, brought up the Popes' most recent statement.

Aparently Pope Francis stated he would baptize Martians if asked to.

I sat and waited for the punch line, but apartently Al Roker was stating an event that had taken place.  The pope feels that there is no reason Martians should be excluded from the church.

I honestly that this was absolutely crazy and that the Pope, should be relieved from his duty as leader of the Catholic Church for saying this, that was until I remembered what the word Catholic means.

The word Catholic means Universal, so it is the Universal Church.  I thought well, since the church is universal why leave off with Martians?  Why not open the doors to other fuctional races like Vulcans, or Galafreeans of Mimbari?

Am I being sacreligious by saying that these fictional races should be offered a chance at baptism into the Catholic Church?  I don't think so, anymore than Pope Francis is by inviting Martians for Baptism.

Perhaps this is a sign of change, I do not know.  I never would have thought I would hear a Pope offer Baptism to a fictional race.  Perhaps the next thing he will do is open the doors for Ordination of married couples and women as Priests.

Or would that be too much to expect from a Pope who offers Martians baptism?

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