Monday, October 12, 2015

We had a Job to do a review

Recently I read a book on World War Two, this is nothing unusual for me since I have had a fascination with this period of history since I was six years old,

I have read many books, from biographies to books that covered events and battles of the war.  

So I  was looking forward to reading We Had A Job To Do,  Especially because the description on the cover states that this is a basic history of world war two as seen through the eyes of those who served,

When I  read that this would be through the eyes of those who served, I was excited, I expected a lot of first-hand eyewitness  accounts from the men who fought the war.

Instead I got a lot of  cut and paste quotes from the brass in most cases, a lot of history of those who went to war, what they had done before going to war and very brief and descriptions of the battles themselves.

There are errors in dates such as the Potsdam conference pre-D-Day when this conference was in 1945.  The book is written in broken segments and is extremely dry.

There is nothing that makes this a must-read book, if anything it is bland and boring,  Save your money this is not the book that you are looking for on World War Two.


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