Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The colness of Winter

One does not realize how cold it can be, until they have to commute by walking part of the way to a destination or the whole way.

It is probably no warmer than 32 degrees today and it feels like 20.  

For me, I am fortunate.  I have a place to go to during the day and stay at night.  But here in Missouri some of the emergency shelters will not open unless it is bellow 40 degrees.

You never realize how cold 40 can be, until you walk in that temperature.

My perception of being homeless has changed 100% since I ended up in the shelter I am in.  Homeless people dress nicely, because we still are looking for work, looking for hope at turning around our lives.

It is a hard life and one that most do not choose, we end up here because we have been in mental centers and discharged, with what meds we have and the clothes we had on.

Or we run out of money and can not pay rent and end up at a shelter.

The one thing that really comes home to those who live in a shelter is how the people there are looking out for each other.  Are there some who take advantage?  Yes but this is true no matter the circumstances.

I will never be the person I was before this experience.  If anything I have become more a spiritual person and one who sees their calling to helping others.

I am walking in my brothers shoes and it is opening my eyes and my heart.

Think before you decide to pass judgement on someone on the street, they could be your son or daughter, father or mother... or you.

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