Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where did our society go so wrong???

I sit here at a computer in the Springfield Public Library and am wondering where our society went so wrong?

I ask this because values today seem completely abandoned. people we could trust are now suspect and we struggle to do what is right when everyone, or nearly everyone who is successful is a crook in some regard.

When did mothers and Sisters become Sex Objects?  I do not know and I remember growing up that, one would never think of a friends mom in a sexual way, it just wasn't done.

But now we have teachers who become sexually involved with students, priests who violate their celibacy with children.  The list goes on.

We need to stop sexualizing everyone and everything.  Sex is a special sharing between two people who love each other deeply, not just something that people do to feel good.

Maybe it is my age, but I feel that this trend has gone way too far and needs to STOP and STOP NOW.

I am not a God and I am not a religious leader, just a Man who is tired and sad at the world we live in and would like to see common decency come back into fashion.

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