Sunday, June 5, 2016

God's beauty

As I am walking down Division Street I see around me God's beauty.

Trees stretching their branches into the heavenly realm, grass deep living green.

A sky that can change from shades of blue to gray, to mixes of orange red yellow and gold.

All to behold.  

God's beauty surrounds me, not just with the reflections of nature, but in the diversity of the people around me.

Step children growing and changing every day, a mother in law dedicated to spiritual liberty, a wife who has deep passion in her heart, and my homeless brothers whom I live with in the shelter.  We look out for each other with a sense of sincerity and honesty that is in a way a real miracle.

Cats are a gift from God, their soft fur and their gentle purr, how they snuggle freely and are loving willingly.  If we humans could love so honestly as the cats, life could be so much simpler.

So God's beauty is always around us, we just need to stop and see it with our our own eyes.

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