Monday, May 22, 2017

A very Powerful Movie

Last night I watched a movie that I was very curious about, the movie is titled "MILK" and it is about the life of County Supervisor Harvey Milk, who was a Gay activist and member of the San Francisco City Council.  He and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated on November 27th, 1978 in the San Francisco City Hall.

Sean Penn was cast as Harvey Milk and did a stellar job portraying this man, he is unrecognizable as Sean Penn and becomes Harvey Milk so believably you forget you are watching a movie.

The movie begins in New York in 1970 with Milk turning 40 years old, he realizes that in his forty years he has accomplished nothing that he was proud of, that he has been simply going through the motions.

It is then he decides to move to San Francisco and start his life over again.  

He finds himself in a district in San Francisco, where the Police harass, beat and brutalize anyone who is Gay without reason, just because of who they are.

The fuse is lit and Harvey Milk finds himself becoming involved in politics.  Soon he realizes that although the Gay community is being singled out, this is just part of a larger problem; senior citizens are not receiving fair representation, they are struggling to pay for meds and meals, and the American Worker is being abandoned by having his and her job exported out of the country.

He begins to fight the Machine for all, but in 1977 the fight does become personal, because of how laws that had been passed to give Gay citizens fair representation in housing and work, were overturned.

The movie is relevant for today because so many aspects touched in this film are still current issues now.

You may choose to avoid this film, because of your spiritual path, or personal belief, but do take a chance it is well worth the time, just from the historic perspective.


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  1. It was truly a terrific movie and I'm glad we watched it. Great review of this movie by the way and Elsa you said well worth the time