Sunday, May 21, 2017

Something for the whole family

Although this movie came out nearly two years ago, I just had the opportunity to see this movie this past Friday, May 19th.

I have followed Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang since I was six years old, and for the better part of my life, I felt I really was Charlie Brown.  I mean 'Kite eating trees, and never having the courage to approach and talk with the little red haired girl.'

 Always have I watched "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and "It's Christmas Charlie Brown"  Not once have I ever missed seeing these specials.

The one thing I kept waiting for in every strip in the newspaper, in every special aired, was for Charlie Brown to win, just once.  Every time he came close to victory it would be pulled away, like Lucy with the football.

"The Peanut's Movie", provides all of us die hard fans with several victories, for both Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  You have to see the movie to find out what they are.

So if you have not seen this movie, or even if you have, rent it, or better still buy it and enjoy it.  You will be doing the Snoopy dance several times and will be smiling and laughing, two things we need to do more often.


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