Thursday, March 17, 2011

And Justice for... The State...

Last night, I went to the Denver County Court house, a large structure that I used to believe was a place of justice for all.

The reason I was there? I had been in an accident Saturday, January 29th, where while crossing the intersection of, 14th Avenue and Steele Street, I was hit by a car in the cross walk.

I have crossed this street safely thousands of times over the past 8 years, but this time I was struck by a car that came out of no-where.

So I went into traffic court, expecting to be heard by a judge and have a fair and unbiased trial. Was I ever wrong. First it was not a trial, it was an arraignment, where a determination would be made if a trial would occur, second it was heard by a magistrate not a judge.

According to the Magistrate I had, whom I don't recall ever announcing her name, she could not render a judgement, and could only advise us within her position if we had grounds for a trial.

I was the forth person called for the Six O-clock docket and soon my lesson began.

She read the charges and asked how I plead? I told her not guilt, but with a qualification. The qualification was that I would be moving in two weeks and needed to be heard in that time.

Remember how we are supposed to receive a speedy trial?

That is a myth. The earliest they could schedule a trial would be in eight to ten weeks, one huge problem with this, I would be in Missouri by then with no means to return to Colorado for a trial.

I attempted to explain my side of the story, to the magistrate, and was told that because there are stop signs at the intersection running east and west, I was heading east, that I was responsible for being aware of on coming traffic, not the other way around.

In other words I was told I had no case, and no means for getting any compensation. Simply put, I was guilty in the eyes of the court, without even being heard by a real judge or jury.

So I pled guilty and paid $61.00 to the state, even though I was the victim.

Here's the bad thing, I once was a supporter of the legal system, I believed that it was fair and everyone was given a fair trial and that the Police were on the side of the public.

Now, well now I feel that the system is corrupt and that it favors the state, unless you are very wealthy, in which case you can get away with murder.

Trust the legal system? Not me, not any longer, I realize now that it is a sham and only benefits people who have access to high paid lawyers. The rest of us, we might as well be living in the old USSR.

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