Monday, December 5, 2011

An Outstanding Movie for the whole family

Last evening, my wife and I had the pleasure to see perhaps the best movie of the year; the movie "Hugo"   This is perhaps one of the most amazing films I have seen in a long time.  Hugo is a movie that is seen through the eyes of a young man Hugo Cabret who works part time with  his father, whom is a clock maker.

At the beginning we find that Hugo's father dies in a fire at the clock shop where he works, Hugo finds himself taken in by his grand father, whom is an alcoholic.  Again clocks come into play, for Hugo's grand father works winding the clocks at a train station, and Hugo learns how to manipulate his way through the various hidden areas and work the gears of these large clocks.

Hugo when he moves into the clock tower, takes with him only one item, a automaton or automated man, that his father rescued from a museum.  The automated man was designed to write and Hugo finds himself savaging and stealing to find spare parts to make this machine work, in hopes that it will contain a secret message from his father.

The movie is fast paced, and uses the new version of 3D affects to take you into Hugo's world, from the opening scenes when snow is falling, you feel you can reach out and touch the snow, or be drawn in the streets of Paris with Hugo.

As the movie proceeds Hugo is brought into contact with the owner of a toy shop across from the Clock tower, this man is very bitter and at first has no patience for Hugo, whom he feels is nothing more than a mere thief.  Something that does not change when this mans ward, a young girl, by the name of Isabelle suddenly becomes friends with Hugo, and the adventure of discovering what the mechanical man meant by drawing a reference to a film done by George Mellies with his name under neath it, if anything the realization of Izabelle's foster parent's identity only makes the tension greater, for now both Isabelle and Hugo want to know why Papa George has concealed who he is..

 Isabelle's foster parent is none other than George Mellies, a man who created some of the first silent movies that inspired a generation of film makers from Buster Keaton to Charlie Chaplain..  The film, takes many twists and turns in discovering why George Mellies vanished after the first world war, and why he has done all he can to forget his past.

The cast is superb from the Cameo appearance of Jude Law who was Hugo's father, to Ben Kingsley who plays George Milles.

The 3D affects enhance the movie and keep it moving, more importantly, they make you feel you are actually there, a fly on the wall observing these events first hand, not a mere person sitting in a movie theater.

The movie is based upon the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick which is 534 pages long and won the Caldecott Medal for picture books for children.  This adaptation by Martin Scorsese is stunning and show the master work that can be done, with no violence or profanity.  For Scorsese this is an accomplishment, for many of his past works have been violent in nature, or very dark.

Hugo is a film people of all ages can appreciate and enjoy, and dare I say it.  It is a true family movie.  One that can be enjoyed many times.

This film should be an Academy Award winner, and will endear itself to one and all, who go to see it.  Well worth the price of admission.

Photos from Hugo Via IMDb